Welcome to The Pub! This is a meeting place for mainly Dutch and Belgian players, but other nationalities are also welcome, both casual and competitive. It's all about gaming and having fun together. Can I join? Yes, if you can answer the following points with 'yes' you can also participate: You're 18+ and/or have a good amount of common sense, you need to have a headset/microphone and you bring a good dose of fun with you!
✨ Multi-game Community ✨ Daily Gaming Events ✨ Weekly Giveaways ✨ Safe & Friendly ✨ Gaming 24/7 ✨Exp, Currency, Achievements ✨ Streamer Friendly
Official Server for SyndicateKaptain Level Up Facebook Gaming Creator! Join in for all sorts of behind the scenes fun with the other community members AND other content creators :)
Small community revolving around MMOs, League of Legends, and Sea of Thieves. All welcome
This is the discord server of i6 Hitman! Welcome to the server!
Have fun or go home!
The Twizted Tavern is a great place to partyup with friends and talk games spanning a growing list of genres.
Grumpy Gaming is a gaming community with a second-family like mindset. We're friendly, passionate and we love to play games!
The Anti Kraken League Discord community is meant to be a looking for group server with a small barrier to entry. Every member will have to play with a Captain or First Mate so we can determine whether or not you are the type of player we want in the Anti Kraken League. The filtering will ensure that any crew you find in our discord with have people willing to play the right way. Communication, good sense of humor, and a general sense of what you are doing are just a few of the things we look for in a crewmember. When you join be sure to follow the instructions in the text channels available to you and we will get you in as soon as possible.
Buy gold and reputation for Sea Of Thieves for a good price
Laidback with no rules besides 18+. Come chill, say what's up, play games, whatever you want to do, you can do it here.
Gaming, Chatting, Trash-Talking... All inclusive
Du bist auf der suche nach Leuten zum zocken ? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig ! Wir unterstüzen die meisten aktuellen games und halten den server sehr aktiv auf dem neusten stand ! Also gib uns dei Feedback und besuche uns :D Wir freuen uns dich auf dem server begrüssen zu dürfen ! Euer, Knicklicht Gaming Team
A small tight-knit server located mainly in NA. We play a bunch of games usually from 3 pm to 12 am MT including games like -> (CS:GO, SoT, Basically any paradox game: ie hoi4, eu4, etc, Overwatch/Paladins, Brawlhalla and more. Many of our members are weebs so you might like that.
This is the public discord for the streamer Geek3rs. It is a welcome place to share my streams, youtube videos, and a place for others to share their geeky and nerdy sides.
A server created by YouTuber and streamer Gluuten for all to enjoy, fan or not.
Play Ark, Atlas, Sea Of Thieves, Minecraft, or tabletop games? Join are crew! But be WARNED! Joining be easy for all, but are code is strict and banishment should come to whom ever break it!(PC ONLY)
We are a collection of people who enjoy chilling, gaming and chatting. We have a few games, as well as other topics, already including a server in some of them. We are always open to more ideas, so if you are interested in a game or another topic, you can suggest it! Feel free to join!
Der ofizielle Pixelbraker Server. Eine Community, die schon seit anfang 2018 existiert. Wir haben Levelränge, Clans, Erfolge, und vieles mehr!Nette Spieler immer willkommen!
Was Wir alles zocken: - Call of Duty MW - The Division 2 - Sea of Thieves - Rainbow Six Siege - Rocket League - The Forest (Nur wenn wir eine Gruppe zusammen haben) - GTA 5 Und so kleine games wie: - Brawlhalla - ShellShock Live - Gang Beasts - Stick Fight
For all Sea of Thieves A to Z, give our server a try. From tutoring, in-game rep boost options like alliance servers, and more. Let us be your one-stop-shop for all your needs. (Btw, we would appreciate some staff). If you are a server owner and wanna ally with us, that's cool. Just join then drop us a line in ModMail.