Weekly Event Schedule

(Because of weird cropping requirements it cuts off the days. It's a regular calendar and goes Sunday to Saturday)

  1. Goldeneye Watch Party & Giveaway on Twitch! - Sunday at 9pm EST. Lets test out the new Prime Watch Party feature on Twitch by watching Goldeneye. We will do an intermission and giveaway and halfway through the movie! Note: You need Amazon Prime and it doesn't work on Mobile. This likely makes this not a viable option in the future but we're still going to test it out. Keep an eye out for the intermission and giveaway announcement sometime between 10 and 10:30pm EST!

  2. Let's Play! - Tuesday at 10pm EST Lets get together on Discord and pick a game to play together! I will come armed with a selection of cross platform games and games we can play with Steam's Remote Play Together. I'll likely post the list of possible games Monday night so everyone has time to download them. Remote play games can be played with any computer, mobile device, or steam link device. <https://store.steampowered.com/remoteplay>

  3. All the Terraria events. @FancyAlly#8803 is hosting a Terraria server and will be hosting events throughout the next few weeks! This is for PC and I don't think Terraria supports crossplay but I could be wrong.