Welcome to the Nintendo Switch discord! A community of gamers who have a interest for Nintendo Switch! Exchange friend codes and more!
Proud to be the first Animal Crossing Discord server! 🎈 💎 Level 3 Nitro Boosted Server Join the most active AC community while you wait for Animal Crossing: New Horizons! 😃
Nintendo switch players come here
Mostly mature server - Europe based but people from all around the world are here - various server events - friendly people overal, no meme-machines.
The largest Discord server dedicated to the "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" video game on the Nintendo Switch! An official Discord Partnered server and level two boosted! A friendly and welcoming community with over 200+ Animal Crossing emojis!
Thank you for choosing the "Deserted Island Getaway Package!" A wonderful community lies before you!
We're an Animal Crossing themed server that focuses on Pokémon and all sorts of Nintendo/general games. Promotion allowed, lots of emotes, roles, events/giveaways, Minecraft Server
This server is for everyone ♡ » Anime » Animal Crossing » Pokecord » LGBTQ+ friendly » Emotional Support » Artist Friendly
A new server for those who play Animal Jam, Animal Jam: Play Wild, and Animal Crossing! We're also a Fer.al community for Wildworks' upcoming game! If you don't play any of these games but would like to make new friends, that's perfectly fine as well!
Un discord Nintendo Français pour les fans, par les fans
Welcome to Nintendo Hangout! We are a community of Smashers, Kirby enthusiasts and Pokemon fans and our server is dedicated to all things Nintendo! Whether you love Mario or Legend of Zelda, want to Smash or ink turf in Splatoon with fellow fans or play some Pokecord, you will find something to do in Nintendo Hangout! - Talk about your favourite games - Find fellow enthusiasts to play games with - Play in-server games with Pokecord - Assign your main in smash bros with the assign-your-main channel - Help improve the server and give suggestions to make this the best possible experience
A discord dedicated to the discussion of Animal Crossing: 2019 for the Nintendo Switch and other Animal Crossing related content.
The Roost Café is a community for fans of the Animal Crossing series! Make friends and connect with other players!
** We offer all Animal Crossing games, including the upcoming New Horizons switch game ** Hi, welcome to the Animal Crossing Discord server! If you love Animal Crossing as much as we do, come and join our fun and loving community! We have lots of different things for everyone to enjoy. We have a large, growing, active community that is always there to help you in any way you need. There are server events and ACNL and the upcoming Switch events held by our events team. Like bots? We have bots! We have multiple different bots with games and features for everyone to play with. Like giveaways and free stuff? Come and join our giveaways held by our server members! Looking for something that’s not there? Throw down a suggestion with our suggestion bot and we’ll see if we can make it happen. With so much to do, we’re sure you will have an amazing time! We hope to see you soon!
Friendly server for all things Animal Crossing & Nintendo! Active community, music and level bots. Lots of custom emotes. We ping for Animal Crossing news only!
A server that focuses on Splatoon competitive and casual play for everyone!
We're a server that loves Nintendo and hosts events and tourneys for cash prizes.
A server for all things Animal Crossing, a nice place to relax and make friends!! We would love for anyone interested to join our loving town!!
Hii („• ֊ •„) We're a new Animal Crossing Server! We'd love to have our community grow with you in it. It's not much now, but we're hoping it can really be something soon. I'd like this server to be a nice little spot to hang out and trade.. hopefully, I see you in the server ~ Froyo
This server has many things to do! You can socialize with others with similar interests, roleplay, view interesting things other people have, and much more!
New Horizons est un serveur consacré à la série de jeux Animal Crossing, notamment à son prochain opus, Animal Crossing New Horizons.
A nicely made and homey discord server for all of your interests!
✧*:・ Welcome to Pink Horizons! ✧・゚ .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. ⛧ Animal Crossing server thats a chill place for fans to play and make friends .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. ✭ Small and friendly community ☆ Channels for other Nintendo games ✭ Self-assignable Roles ☆ Useful + fun bots ✭ Level up system ☆ Lots of emotes ....and more! ★⋆   Looking for **older** members (16+) ★⋆ **NO PARTNERS**
A general community for fans of girl games. If you enjoy games like Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, Mystic Messenger, and Style Savvy then this server is for you! Guys are welcome as well, but ideally this is a server for gamer girls.
If you love Animal Crossing, join our server. WE ARE HIRING!!!
PARTNERSHIPS AVAILABLE!!! Squid Crossing is an all purpose, Nintendo gaming server, a great place to make friends, and a safespace for those who need it! If you’re looking to play Animal Crossing, Splatoon, and other games with, or just need people to talk to, our friendly server is the one to fit all of your needs! We have: ⭐️ Friendly staff and an accepting community 👋 ⭐️ GIVEAWAYS!!! 🎁 ⭐️ Gaming chats for Splatoon, Animal Crossing, and much more! 👾 ⭐️ Text channels for socializing 💬 ⭐️ Movie Nights on Rabb.it 🍿 ⭐️ Game Nights featuring Skribbl.io and Cards Against Humanity ✏️ ⭐️ Voice and music channels 🎧 ⭐️ Roles earned by leveling up 🏅 ⭐️ Self-assignable roles 🎀 ⭐️ Fun bots and commands 🤖 ⭐️ 50+ emotes 🎉 ⭐️ Suggestion boxes so we know what you want 📢 ⭐️And much more! Come join us and make some friends! We're a welcoming community, so don't worry about fitting in! We hope you enjoy your time in our community! - Rybo ;)
'Bees' is a laidback Discord server centred around cute and lighthearted video games, like Animal Crossing, Slime Rancher, Kirby, etc.!
A cute community catered to Artists of all kinds, as well as gamers, streamers and just good people who maybe enjoy similar interests! We have super cute roles and emotes too!
LGBT+ Friendly. Chill and lax place. Nintendo fans, Anime fans, FFXIV section. LGBT
We're a community of Nintendo gamers that play all sorts of Nintendo games. Come on by if you are a Nintendo gamer and want to play with others or you can share screenshots/videos of your progress in games. What we have: - Role Assignment channel - Categorized channels - Automatic post feed channels (need to go to #role-assignment channel and get Auto Posts role) - NSFW channel (need to go to #role-assignment channel and get NSFW role) - Music channel (need to go to #role-assignment channel and get Music role) - Friendly Staff and Admins and much more!
Tons of unique self assignable roles Role leveling system Cute Animal Crossing emotes Over a dozen different bots to interact with (Tatsumaki, Rythm, Pokecord, etc) A newly created Economy A place to meet new friends and play some games Events (movies, game tourneys, art comps, etc)
Welcome to the Hylian Community! Join us and share your prefered media, food and pets and communicate with us daily, on a friendly and open minded basis. We're looking forward to play Pokémon SWSH, Animal Crossing NH, FEH, ACPC and other Nintendo Games with you!
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