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One Piece server theme; we gather all the fans of this story in a place where you can join factions, participate in weekly polls, test your knowledge in trivias every week and have a chapter discussion up to date!
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Welcome to the Pirates Clan of Box Critters! Join our server and become a pirate, Arrrr!
A rping pirate adventure where you can go find tresure and battle other players.
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Its a great place to come hangout with other experienced pirates of Sea of Thieves, and to find a swashbuckling crew for your grand sailing adventures on the seven seas!
- DeMarco Bot (Lookup another Pirates reputation) - Auto VC (Create voice channels at the click of a button) - Giveaways (Ancient Coins / PayPal) - Game Updates / Announcements (News Updates) - Self Roles (Verify yourself to get roles)
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Welcome to the Nexus, traveler. In the year 2121, meteors rained down from the skies, and with them, dimensional gateways to other realms and time periods. Gaps between time, space, and separate universes were suddenly closed, allowing planar travel between worlds. Archipelagos reigned over by pirates, kingdoms of magic and swordplay, ancient pantheons ruled by old gods, all bridged together. Come join the Nexus, a developing roleplay server with a wide range of settings! We’re a semi-literate to literate role-playing server with flexible guidelines for OCs and character-centric roleplay. We’re always looking for new members and people to role play with, and all are welcome to join. We hope to see you here!
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This is an island roleplay where you can one of four nations. Awero an island of magic of the gods, always gearing up for war. Casio an island of advanced animals that is isolated from the others. Azaka a peaceful agricultural island, that is crushed under the foot of the Isle of Beaumont. A bustling city full of tourists. These islands have been intertwined for centuries and were revealed to the modern world only twenty years ago. Join to be a pirate and explore the open seas, noble and explore the secrets the crown holds, or lion chieftain and lead rebellion against the queen. Adventure waits for no man!
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Sea of Thieves server with plenty to do! Find a crew, grind, earn server ranks, gain friends, join an alliance, earn some gold and money in the server, buy a grog and have a laugh in our rapidly growing Sea of Thieves server.
Dit is een nederlands Sea Of Thieves Discord server!!!