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PvP sweats who love to steal other loot, do 10 runs of FoTD without selling, and hate sword users.
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Grumpy Gaming is a gaming community with a second-family like mindset. We're friendly, passionate and we love to play games!
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Buy gold and reputation for Sea Of Thieves for a good price
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Its a great place to come hangout with other experienced pirates of Sea of Thieves, and to find a swashbuckling crew for your grand sailing adventures on the seven seas!
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Dutch or Belgium Only!!!
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Sea of Thieves LFG community
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Servidor para gamers
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A rather relaxed server full of idiots making fun of each other. A true good time with some quality cursed memes.
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Welcome to The Skull Society, a Sea of Thieves community to find crews, make friends, and make a lot of gold with our future server alliance events (coming soon). Join the server to access our voice chats for your game, advertise your stream, share your beautiful screenshots and videos of the seas. Whether you are an emissary of the Reapers Bones or a humble merchant you are always welcome at The Skull Society. Partake in our events such as, server alliances, competitions or watch parties! Join now!
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We are a Sea Of Thieves discord server with an Xbox Club. As we grow, we will hold events, tournaments, fleets + server alliances, PvP competitions, live-streams on mixer, twitch, and YouTube, Etc. We have LFGs to find people to play with and are looking for new members, so join us!