SEA Apex Community is a community server for Apex Legends focused on competitive and scrims community.
OCE/SEA based Albion Online Guild.
Sub Rosa Underground is a gaming community focused on modded Sub Rosa events.
Mobile Legends Academy is a Newly Created server for people across the SEA and EU server to make friends and improve their game skills by training with us. We welcome all language people and make our server fun for everyone..
<Aotearoa> International Sailing Community. (BDO SEA) Founded in May 2018 originally as an open recruitment casual guild intended just for a small group of friends it eventually grew up to 60 members. Not long after the release of Margoria, we branched off and slowly condensed into a medium sized Sea Monster Hunting (smh) guild.
GAEA is a Greek-themed, South East Asian PC gaming community.
Welcome to Sunset Sands Beach Communities! We're located in between three bodies of water; Lover's Lagoon, Coral Cove, and Bombshell Beach! Around each waterbody are different places for you to rent and stay, or you could get an apartment or home by the town. Our town is for everyone who loves the water, fishing, surfing, or skiing. You're welcome to meet new people, participate in contests, and have a load of fun! Thanks for stopping by!
GAMERLUST is the base for Star Citizens in Asia. Asia is really really big and we are centralizing everyone on to a single point for easier chatting, sharing of knowledge and linking up in Universe! We are more active in 2020 onwards as SC nears release, We are ORG NEUTRAL and welcome anyone to our mature and active community of gamers.