European League of Legends Server.
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Aboriginal fan club
Reapers Started up early January 2019, we made it public mid-January as an e-sport organization. We started with four board members who had several years of experience with operating an organization. We recruit players in a variety of games like: - Counter-Strike - League of Legends - Rocket League - Apex Legends - Fortnite - Starcraft - Paladins
Hello, I created a discord server for my small YouTube channel. I want to become a successful YouTuber one day and make videos that will entertain and make people happy! If you would like to join then press the 'Join Server' button! Also, here's the link to my YouTube channel. -Benry
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Dungeon Fighter Online - Europe PvP community
Welcome to Planet Games! We host game servers for currently the games called Rust and Minecraft. What can you do here in this discord? You can stay alerted for patches from the games Rust and Minecraft. You can chat from the discord to our minecraft/rust server and backwards. You can view all ingame commands from both our servers. You can have fun with bots. Level up by chatting! You can create tickets for questions and help for our servers. Create a ticket and wait till one of our support team members is going to help you. We also got a subreddit! Here you can post pictures of our servers report bugs or even post your favorite memes!
Since the beginning in 2017, Battle Scars was established as a place in-game that could be a true home for both new people and returning, to enjoy World of Warcraft in a calm and non-toxic setting. Within reason, we allow the necessary room to learn from mistakes and improve as a part of our team, as well as indvidually. Despite being as all-inclusive as possible, we do ask of our people to work on any weaknesses and require that Raiders and especially Core Raiders try to perform to the relative best of their abilities. This will include at least basic talent and gear optimisation, gems/enchants, consumables... and at least a basic knowledge of boss strategies for your role. As a community, we help each other where and whenever possible with all this. • Don’t be a dick. • Communicate. • Have fun.
Small EU bases gaming community.
Luminary guild - Casual - PvX - EU/SEA Region MMORPGS - Maldivian/International
Don't Starve Together European community server. Has 500+ members and a dedicated DST server. Everyone is welcome to join!
Quake Champions European community discord. 1000+ members and active pickups for 2v2, Duel, CTF, Sacrifice and so on.
European Gaming for Everyone
Mobile Legends Academy is a Newly Created server for people across the SEA and EU server to make friends and improve their game skills by training with us. We welcome all language people and make our server fun for everyone..
Restarting a Known Experienced community which is meant for the 0.1% of the pubg players (around TOP 1000). - Used to have 2000+ Active members - Active "looking for game" posts - Ultimate Trihards - Team finder - Custom bot that assigns Stat roles, e.g: 600 ADR; Inhuman Stats role.
Increase your fortnite skills while meeting new people and making new friends!!
Hosting Customs Daily! We Host NA / EU / OCE Servers Hiring Custom Matchmakers to help host events anytime! Join Now!
Welcome to an unofficial Discord server for World of Tanks platooning and teamplay on the EU server (PC).
Join LichCraft, ~ INSTANT Level 80! - No Hamachi - Instant Level 80 - HUGE PvP Arena - 24/7 Uptime - Supports 2.3.x - Level Caps is 80 - Custom Mounts
Hello & Welcome to FirstImpact! We're a Gaming Community Who Play a Variety of Games However Most Of Our Members Play Rainbow Six Siege, Minecraft & Call Of Duty. Our Members Are All English Speaking & Mostly From Europe or America! Do You Have Any Questions? If So, Please Contact Any Higher-Ups For Anything You Would Like To Ask. Owners, Admins And Friends Of The Server Are All Here To Help You Out! If They Are Simple Questions Such As What We Do As A Community & What Our Goals Are, Just Talk To Any Of Our Senior Members, They Will Be Happy To Help! In The Discord We Have A Variety Of Bot's That You Can Use, Just Take A Look At The Channels & Everything Will Be Clear.
Competitive and dedicated European Black Squad clan. Join to apply.
We are a European Tannenberg clan. If you are from Europe and you wish to join the clan you are welcome to.
5v5s customs Tournaments Lfgs Active members League players
WoW20 is a WoW community organizing fun, epic and original events in World of Warcraft! 😀 ▶️
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