Inclusive server filled with friendly people :) We're a tight knit community too and we have daily vcs when we game together. Occasionally, we do have meetups as well (if you happen to live in Singapore) So what are you waiting for? Feel free to pop by and say hi!
We are now a level 2 server! A predominantly Singaporean server where you can invite your friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends, etc so we can all chill together. We VC almost daily, just like a virtual kopitiam without the kopi. We have: ☄️ Awesome community ☄️ Daily entertaining VCs ☄️ Fun leveling system ☄️ Respectable mods ☄️ Tatsumaki ☄️ Pokécord ☄️ Anime/Weeb Chat ☄️ NSFW Why not meet new people, and have fun doing that as well?!
This is the official discord server of Impunity Esports.
GAMERLUST is the base for Star Citizens in Asia. Asia is really really big and we are centralizing everyone on to a single point for easier chatting, sharing of knowledge and linking up in game!
We are a group of friendly players from Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia that plays CSGO. If you're interested in joining our community, feel free to join this discord. Strictly for South East Asia only. Our players varies from Global Elite to Silvers.
A platform for like-minded players in SG to mingle, and play CSGO together.
Betta community for Singapore and it's neighboring countries, all are welcome though :D
Sisters of Hope is a female-only international transgender server based in Singapore for transgender, non-binary people. Cis-females may join after passing a test. We do not allow screenshots of chats or unauthorised disclosure of member identities, and other security measures are also in place to protect you and keep the server a safe environment.