Firemongers is here to bring people together and have fun doing so. We are a growing community of fun and fine gamers and we hope youll have a great time here!
EFG Greek Community is a channel most for Greek Tactical Role Play and Tactical Action Games. If you are Greek Join! Over 285 members here!
Twitch streamer
Clan Magnus Legio, “The Great Legion”, is an organized and mature gaming community that plays competitive, PvP-focused games that reward our teamwork, coordination, and mobility. We have designed the Clan to appeal to casual gamers and hardcore gamers alike. Whether you’re someone who logs in once a week, or an intense gamer looking for an organized group—CML does it all.
We are a business and community centered around Escape From Tarkov. Specifically, trading and in-game items. We provide a hub for purchasing, selling, and discovering information regarding EFT's in-game items. As a discord server, we want to bring forth an experience that establishes a connection between game, user, and item. We hope you'll choose Playeritems for all of your EFT looting needs!
Deutsche Multigaming Community sucht Nachwuchs! Liebe PC-Zocker, Wir, die Bad Ass Multigaming Community suchen Nachwuchs für unsren Discord Server! WIr sind seit 2016 aktiv, gegründet als einer der ersten Discords damals zur Pre-Alpha von Escape from Tarkov. Mittlerweile haben wir uns durch die durchwachsene Anzahl von Mitgliedern entschieden eine Multigaming-Community zu werden. Jeder der gern PC zockt... Shooter wie EFT, CoD, Apex, Pubg, RoE, R6 o.Ä. als auch Survivaltitel wie Dayz u.A und viele Andere Titel... ist hier willkommen. -MOMENTAN DREHT SICH BEI UNS VIELES UM DAYZ! ->WIR HABEN EINEN DAYZ SERVER ERÖFFNET UND NUN SIND WIR DER TOP DEERISLE MAP HOSTER ;) SCHAUT GERN MAL IM DC VORBEI UND CHECKT IHN AB! Es soll eine angenehme Atmosphäre herrschen, jeder soll sich hier jederzeit einem Sprachchannel anschließen können und willkommen sein. Der Link funktioniert nur, wenn ihr auf der Desktopapp angemeldet seid - NICHT - über den Browser! 0n3Tap2x_Tv
Servidor de Discord para múltiples juegos del blog y host de la comunidad de escape from Tarkov, Tarkovitas.
Полухардкорный клан .sy^ syndikat. Ночной кошмар всех нормисов в играх. Особенно ртс. Мы делаем кринж в играх, постим кринж, теряем подписчиков. Заходи!
Multi-gaming community CS:GO PUBG Hunt: Showdown League of Legends Mortal Kombat Ring of Elysium Mordhau Quake Champions Rainbow Six: Siege Any game every game.
**About Us** • Our priority is to ensure everyone has a good experience and learns something new. We welcome players of all skill levels and play styles. We enjoy other various military titles such as Squad, Arma 3, & more. A few of us tend to stream from time to time. Feel free to stop in and say hello! **Things To Know** • We have experienced Sherpas • We have detailed guides, maps, & more • We have recommended guidelines for in-raid • No required clan tags or strict rules • 18+ maturity level (no age requirement) • We are an English speaking community **Join Our Discord** •
The Squat EFT is a Level 3 Discord server with 20 boost from it's supportive, friendly and mature community!
Hello and welcome to the Tarkov Stomping Grounds. As you could guess this is a server primarily focused around EFT. You can find players, post videos, pictures and more here! This is primarily a NA discord server. We are an open community and anyone of all ages/gender can join.
If you are looking for a growing gaming community this server is for you. Join now and find new gaming partners. We also help to promote streamers.
This server is meant to find other people to play Tarkov with. This server is mostly focussed on having fun in the game rather than being sweaty and shouting at other people! The server just opened, so there are not many people here yet: Feel free to invite other Tarkov players, if we have more players the server will grow and will become more fun!
JOIN CHILL GAMERS ACROSS ALL PLATFORMS! If you're looking to play new titles or hunting for a established community then come on in! We're primarily an 18+ community with NSFW dedicated channels and minigames in the server.
This server features quickly accessible information for the game Escape From Tarkov. There are categories with links to all of the maps in the game, useful charts for ammo, armour, needed hideout items and quest items. There are also voice channels for squads and a channel for looking for other players.