A friendly, open server full of gamers, geeks, goons and gals. We play all sorts of games, both video games, tabletop (which we can also play online) and Roleplay. We recently made the decision to delve into a specific game: Star Citizen where we run the organization The Lost Company. If you are in the verse and want someone to talk about it with, join us! Our Roleplay is a group RP where we all interact with eachother in the same world. The community is open and the rules are fairly lax. We do seasonal events and our roles are themed, with the theme changing every so often.
In search of the darkest, most disturbing content on the Internet? Well, go find somewhere else weirdo. Just a bunch of chill gamers here. ;)
Did I just hear you sigh as you’re looking for friends to play with? Well I am happy you’re here then, we, the Training Alliance Task Force are a large gaming community with the main objective to be as friendly as possible (with possible exceptions during banter). We have around 5000 members worldwide and are looking to expand the family. We aren’t some niche community that only accepts people from one game or maybe two; No we accept everyone, CoD to Slime Rancher, PC to Super Nintendo! So what are you waiting for? Come give us a try over at our discord and play some games with us and make some new friends! All the best The whole of TATF
Welcome to Star Citizen community. We have active players and if you're looking for a group that covers all the game factions you are at the right place. Welcome to Blackout Squad!
TCF is a player build organization active in Elite Dangerous and getting ready for Star Citizen.
Premier Star Citizen Organization, focused on all aspects and activities of Star Citizen.
The home of the Dark Lord Emryss Myrrdhin Ambrosias and his Demon Army. Here you will learn inside details from his stories of adventures throughout time, space and even dimensional planes. Learn about the sauces the Dark Lord has brought thanks to his relationships to various creatures you humans like to call "mythical". Most of all come to enjoy yourself.
Discord para Star Citizen Argentina
Добро пожаловать в Сообщество русскоязычных пилотов! создан для продвижения новичков в игре и как социальная площадка для русскоязычных игроков
International Gaming Community with a dedicated Arma 3 Milsim Unit and Star Citizen Organisation
Player-Vs-Player Picture-In-Picture Star Citizen Streaming NightVsKnight.stream [email protected] youtube.com/channel/UCn8Ds6jeUzjxCPkMApg_koA twitch.tv/NightVsKnight mixer.com/NightVsKnight facebook.com/NightVsKnight twitter.com/NightVsKnight reddit.com/u/NightVsKnight discord.me/NightVsKnight patreon.com/NightVsKnight github.com/swooby/fleet-viewer knight55: i7-7700K 4.2GHz, Z270, 2x16GB DDR4 3000, RTX2080 Founders night55: i7-6700K 4.0GHz, Z170, 2x16GB DDR4 2666, GTX1080 Founders streamer: i5-6600K 3.5GHz, H170, 2x16GB DDR4 2133, GTX1080 FTW Star Citizen footage used by permission: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/faq/video-monetization-faq
Welcome to the Star Citizen Market Hub™! This platform aims to provide the majority of your trade-related needs in the Verse, in game and out, through direct services or regulated networking of contractors and companies.
Discord Server for the DrDronez community to discuss a variety of topics. Mostly related to sci-fi/Space games such as Star Citizen!
Star Citizen Ru - крупнейший публичный русскоязычный Discord сервер игрового проекта Star Citizen
The home of the The Night Crew stream team community on discord! Come hang out, we have nothing better to do on the Night Shift!
Bar Citizen Group Discord for the Washington & Oregon area. Most active areas are Seattle and Portland. GO PNW BAR CITIZEN.
OM1's Discord
Communauté de geeks et de joueurs, Médias, Newtork et de Streamers. Venez nous rendre visite :)
Tento server byl vytvořen zejména pro spojení lidí se zájmem her, pokud hledáš kamaráda na hraní, tak na co ještě čekáš! nabízíme ti: 👑 - časté eventy 🎉 - giveaways 📬 - Ping role (takže vás nice nebude zbytečně rušit) 🛠️ - aktivní A-team 🏹 - spoustu možností co se týče her od našeho Vesmírného Bota 🤖 - máme vlastního server bota a skvělého programátora ⬆️ - časté updaty co se týče serveru 🔥 Tak co přijdeš se podívat? Budeme moc rádi, pokud ano.🥳** (a mimochodem, po příchodu musíš potvrdit PRAVIDLA reakcí pod zprávou, jinak nebudeš moci spát, ani se připojovat do roomek)
Titan Gaming, a Gaming community with some focus on Star Citizen and Trudvang Chronicles (Swedish trpg) , playing all kinds of games together. Come join us!
Welcome To Vortexx! our main game is mostly ARMA 3, and also Star Citizen but we also do but not limited to CSGO Minecraft GTA V Roblox Call Of Duty (all of em) Battlefield Garry's Mod TF2 VRchat and many more! we have VC, Memes, and other stuff too! Join Now... It's Free!
Star Citizen Group Actively Recruiting & Looking For Members!
Dark Star Imperium is a multinational gaming community created and ran by prior and active military veterans. We focus mainly on Space games like Space engineers, Dual universe, Starbase, and star citizen, but also play other things as well. We are big on PvP and encouraging members to get involved with our many creative projects and events. If you're looking for a good time and something to do please stop on by!
GAMERLUST is the base for Star Citizens in Asia. Asia is really really big and we are centralizing everyone on to a single point for easier chatting, sharing of knowledge and linking up in Universe! We are ORG NEUTRAL and welcome anyone to our mature and active community of cool gamers.
Multi Game Discord, Community Server Tower, Escape from Tarkov, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, 18+ Community, Mature Community Staff, Rocket League, New Community