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Star Citizen and Escape from Tarkov group! Come join the fun in multiplayer games that are awesome!

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Star Citizen and Escape from Tarkov group! Come join the fun in multiplayer games that are awesome!

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Last Oasis S3

Toxic Oasis S3 is forthcoming and we are gonna play it! (Strict Security Measures Employed!) Come join the chaos and lets view first hand weather this really neat desert survival pvp nomad walker game makes it thru it's debut xbox launch or not!

2021 : Star Citizen / Tarkov

Pretty much playing Star Citizen non-stop! Feel free to join us for tips, tricks, screenies, or just some multiplayer fun! A few people here with vast knowledge of Star Citizen, the development process, and all ze ships!

/ Star Citizen / Tarkov / Star Citizen / Tarkov.....

Star Citizen IAE is almost here!

Star Citizen IAE is almost here! Q/A for the best strategies on buying/melting. What is hot? What is rare? Who is buying what?

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