JagsCorp - Home to our Star Citizen ,EVE and Elite divisions!

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JagsCorp - Home to our Star Citizen ,EVE and Elite divisions!

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Recruiting drive ended.

Sorry y'all - the drive ended a while ago, but we're still recruiting for our Elite Dangerous wing! Come join today.

JagsCorp is Recruiting, with an April Giveaway!

JagsCorp is Recruiting, and you can join RIGHT NOW!

We're looking for new, veteran, old, senile, anyone who plays Elite Dangerous and is looking for a group to fly with. We're also currently doing an April Giveaway, where you can win a lightly used Logitech x52 HOTAS completely FREE by inviting the most members to our discord and in game squad! We also have open officer positions for those who want to go beyond the call of duty.

We offer: Exploration BGS (background simulation) Trading Mining Combat (bounty hunting, PvE, and more!) Xeno Hunting

Join Today!

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