TCF is a player build organization active in Elite Dangerous and getting ready for Star Citizen.
Royal Phoenix Corporation основана ветеранами антипиратских рейдов, считающих своим долгом защиту порядка и спокойствия среди простых и беззащитных людей, не важно к какой сверхдержаве они принадлежат. Её специальное боевое подразделение Royal Phoenix Security Group объединяет самых разных Командиров с одной целью — обеспечить жителям окраинных систем уверенность в своей безопастности в тяжёлые годы галактической анархии.
A server for new commanders to get accustomed to Elite Dangerous.
Alto Comando Flotta Stellare (ACFS) è uno squadrone italiano, attivo su PS4, che riunisce al suo interno giocatori a cui piace crescere e divertirsi insieme. Offriamo supporto attivo a tutti i nuovi piloti che si affacciano alla maestosa galassia di Elite. Il nostro principale obiettivo è godersi il gioco.
Elite Dangerous and MultiGame Gaming Community. Games Played: EliteDangerous Apex Legends Fortnite Minecraft Sea of Thieves WorldOfWarships GrandTheftAutoV
Discord server for the multi-game social gaming community, The Senate.
Elite Dangerous Italia
The Resonance Fleet is an independent minor faction based in the Mazahuanses system. It was founded on on the 21st of August 3304 and since then we have been struggling to take control of our home system, which is currently under the rule of the Trukampasuk Monarchy. There aren't very many of us at the moment, which makes our fight all that much harder. This is also the reason for our eagerness to recruit new players! We need you and we'd love it for our community to grow!
Отряд по игре Arma 3. Основан 2.09.2013 бойцами играющими одним составом на проекте "Воскресные игры" в далёкой alpha версии Arma 3. Взрослый, дружный коллектив 20+ Участвуем в TvT проектах: "Hardmode Games" и "Weekly Open Games".
The elite dangerous branch of the hive gaming community
For the discussion of the Elite Encounters RPG (Role Play Game) by David Hughes, which is based on Elite: Dangerous, the computer game by Frontier Developments.
Elite Dangerous CQC