A max of 100 human members, random member kicked if count goes higher!
Прежде чем начать своё общение на сервере, пожалуйста, ознакомьтесь правилами. Спасибо за понимание!
Royal Phoenix Corporation основана ветеранами антипиратских рейдов, считающих своим долгом защиту порядка и спокойствия среди простых и беззащитных людей, не важно к какой сверхдержаве они принадлежат. Её специальное боевое подразделение Royal Phoenix Security Group объединяет самых разных Командиров с одной целью — обеспечить жителям окраинных систем уверенность в своей безопастности в тяжёлые годы галактической анархии.
A server for new commanders to get accustomed to Elite Dangerous.
EEA (Epic Elite Agency) is a gaming, art and meme based server (original I know) the games the server focuses on is mostly sonic, smash bros and mostly Nintendo although any discussion is welcomed. Join if ye want, or don’t
A community for gamers and streamers to connect and talk about the games they enjoy playing, along with finding new people to play games with. All gaming channels have discussion for each respective game along with updates and lfg. And the streaming channels have self promotion, sponsorship opportunities, teams, self promo and misc info for all streamers both New/Established.
The Tacita community server! Home to our own gaming community over several games. We feature many games such as: Mabinogi Grand Theft Auto V Elite: Dangerous Vindictus League of Legends Fate/Grand Order SCP: Secret Lab Dead by Daylight Maplestory 2 Or you can just come to chat! You don't even need to play any of the games we do, we're always welcome to have new people to chat with.
Testing/making Mystic eSport's official bot
Hey! Do you want a chance to win Cash Prizes? If you do, *Elite Esports Events* has just that, with Free Entry for all tournaments. Tournaments include Solo, Duo, Trio, and Clan Wars Tournaments! Elite Esports Events has given over $1500 and they wont be stopping anytime soon! The server is very organized with good staff! Come join us for a chance to win giveaways and Tournaments for real money. https://discord.gg/Xb8wzUx
A close-knit but welcoming group of individuals. Expect conversations about anything but Elite, memes, friendly faces and much more... Tune into the premier #offtopic experience today!
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