Welcome to the Nintendo Switch discord! A community of gamers who have a interest for Nintendo Switch! Exchange friend codes and more!
A place where fans of both Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe can commence in action with tournaments for fun snd for glory! Or just sit back and chill with friends, anything goes!
have fun with friends and roleplay if you wanna!
Mostly mature server - Europe based but people from all around the world are here - various server events - friendly people overal, no meme-machines.
A server for Nintendo fans and Nintendo Switch players! Meet Mario fans, Super Smash Bros. Fans, Pokémon and Splatoon fans, and more! If you don’t want to discuss games only, that’s fine! We have general conversations as well! -Plenty of Fun Users -Lots of Channels, Bots, and Roles -Channels for your favorite games -Question of the Day -Giveaways (sometimes) -Server Events -Nintendo Characters of the week -...and more!
Super Mario Network is a multi-language community to talk about Mario and fan-creations [English / Português / Español] ★ Featuring thematics events, contests, Mailtoad, Cosmos Bot, UniMaker and more!
A safe-space LGBT server for Nintendo and gaming fans! (Allies welcomed)
Your one-stop shop for 100 Nintendo Emotes, connects to the larger 100 Emote network! Keywords: nintendo, reggie, miyamoto, link, zelda, hotw, heart wild, splatoon, squid, pokemon, mario, luigi, waluigi, bowser, peach, animal crossing, villager, punch out, duck hunt, mike tyson, metroid, samus, thicc, wii, switch, star fox, falco, kid, ness, captain falcon, donkey kong, diddy, f-zero, smash brothers, pikachu, bayonetta, kirby, dedede, rowlett, goomba, toad, toadstool, memes, emoticons, emoticon, emojis, emote, memes, dank, nitro, discord
Here u can talk about Mario 64 in different languages
If you want to join, read the Server Description for a description of the server! You can join, no pressure.
Welcome to Nintendo Hangout! We are a community of Smashers, Kirby enthusiasts and Pokemon fans and our server is dedicated to all things Nintendo! Whether you love Mario or Legend of Zelda, want to Smash or ink turf in Splatoon with fellow fans or play some Pokecord, you will find something to do in Nintendo Hangout! - Talk about your favourite games - Find fellow enthusiasts to play games with - Play in-server games with Pokecord - Assign your main in smash bros with the assign-your-main channel - Help improve the server and give suggestions to make this the best possible experience
Nintendo & Switch eSports & Gaming in Calgary, and online
This server is used to notify users when I livestream Super Mario Maker 2. It's also used to post some retro videos, you just won't be notified for these.
A server for all things Mario! Talk about the games, play with other people, and make friends!
EEA (Epic Elite Agency) is a gaming, art and meme based server (original I know) the games the server focuses on is mostly sonic, smash bros and mostly Nintendo although any discussion is welcomed. Join if ye want, or don’t
The Retrogaming Discord is a small group of people that love to talk old games, consoles or toys. We cover the A to Z of classic games, franchises, hardware and related pop culture. We have a game of the month event where the community votes for a game to play and review together. Share your recent pick-ups, favourite retro games or collections. Come show off your channels, homebrews or other works and check out what other people are making as well.
Kirby RP: Colliding world is, to put it short, a Kirby RP Server. However one thing I missed in the server description is that you can also be characters from other games. Yeah, the description is way more fun to read.
A small community ran by Cosmo Galaga and is home to a few fangames.
We're a server that loves Nintendo and hosts events and tourneys for cash prizes.
Super Mario Universe est un serveur consacré à l’univers tout entier du plombier moustachu : Mario. N'hésitez pas à y jeter un coup d'œil, si vous êtes aussi fan de la franchise Super Mario. On attend plus que vous !
The SSBUC is the world's best Smash Bros friendlies community. If you don't believe it, let us prove it to you! We offer a welcoming and tightly-knit community, a diverse playerbase to challenge your skills, emojis that would make Sakurai proud, tournaments with prizes, and much more. Be sure to drop on by, we'll see you there!
Deutsche Nintendo-Switch Community
This is a discord server primarily for sharing your super Mario maker 2 levels. Although we have a tone of other activities such as Uno, Blackjack, and more. This server is a great idea to join if you want to boost the popularity of your levels!
Welcome to the Nintencord Discord. We're a community of passionate Nintendo players. If you're interested in meeting some interesting people, or if you're looking for people to play games with, this is the place to be! We have roles for various popular Nintendo franchises, so you'll know what kind of games people play by clicking on their names.
This discord server is for anyone who wants to advertise their mario maker 2 levels, play unique mario maker 2 levels, or just have fun. #MarioMaker #MarioMaker2 #Mario #Entertainment #Gaming
This is a server centered around Nintendo games. We also welcome anyone else that wants to come and just hang out.
Hello, we are a friendly and chill gaming server made in anticipation for the release of Super Mario Maker 2 on Nintendo Switch. You can converse about the game with others and even talk about other stuff, you can also share your levels from the Wii U version of Super Mario Maker. There are new themes every month for stage building and weekly course events. Hope to see you and there and have fun.
The home of Bishy, Twitch Affiliate, Super Mario Maker 2 streamer and content creator.
Zelda shit, literally just zelda.
A server dedicated to anything and everything related to the popular Nintendo franchise, Mario!
If you want to experience fun battles, talk about matchups and tournaments, or do anything else Smash related, join us at CSB Smash! Want some friendlies? CSB Smash. Enjoy heated battles against strong players? CSB Smash. Aiming to get some matchup knowledge? CSB Smash can help. We are CSB Smash!
Oh, Regardez ! C'est le nouveau super serveur Mario Kart Tour FR, ce serveur sert à rassembler la communauté de Mario Kart Tour Francophone.
A very welcoming and relaxing server devoted to Nintendo and all-purpose chat. We play Smash Ultimate/Mario Kart 8 regularly. We also host nearly 150 unique nintendo-based emojis! 😊
Nintendo Univers est une communauté française accueillant tout fans de Nintendo ou de ses licences. Entraide, discussion et événements sont au rendez-vous !
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