Gaming | LGBT
A safe-space LGBT server for Nintendo and gaming fans! (Allies welcomed)
Gaming | Social
Your one-stop shop for 100 Nintendo Emotes, connects to the larger 100 Emote network! Keywords: nintendo, reggie, miyamoto, link, zelda, hotw, heart wild, splatoon, squid, pokemon, mario, luigi, waluigi, bowser, peach, animal crossing, villager, punch out, duck hunt, mike tyson, metroid, samus, thicc, wii, switch, star fox, falco, kid, ness, captain falcon, donkey kong, diddy, f-zero, smash brothers, pikachu, bayonetta, kirby, dedede, rowlett, goomba, toad, toadstool, memes, emoticons, emoticon, emojis, emote, memes, dank, nitro, discord
Role-Playing | Anime
Welcome to Roleplay Paradise! Here we allow you to roleplay your way. We are a hub of different RPs coming together to give you plots to choose from, and if you don't find anything you like in our categories, there is a section that lets you make your own thread to your specifications. You can also request a category be made. Currently we offer categories: Mushroom Kingdom Legend of Zelda Houseki no Kuni Megami Tensei & Pokemon Soon, we hope to bring you: Toaru no Majutsu no Index Sonic the Hedgehog
Role-Playing | Gaming
Ce serveur est un serveur RP se déroulant dans les plaine d'Hyrule et de termina . Tout se passe 100 ans après les événements de Zelda breath of the wild. De nouvelles créatures divines sont apparues, de nouveaux sages sont à éveiller. Vous avez un large choix concernant les espèces incarnable.
Role-Playing | Gaming
Welcome to Hyrule! Takes place in the BotW setting, but includes elements from all games. -LGBTQ+ friendly -Share art, fanfic, memes! -Apply for canon roles -Roleplay as any relevant OC
Gaming | Meme
Chill open and fun community for sharing games and memes. Event evening every frday and lots of channels and bots. Open for partnership.
Gaming | eSports
We're a server that loves Nintendo and hosts events and tourneys for cash prizes.
Gaming | Community
Deutsche Nintendo-Switch Community
Gaming | Social
Preemptive Breath of the Wild Sequel Server.
Gaming | Community
A (currently) small community dedicated to all things gaming! A big focus on Nintendo games! (A lot of Zelda Fans) Come say hi!
Gaming | Community
We have got lots of things on this server giveaways art channels bots community and bots give it a try
Gaming | Community
Streaming community and hang out. Rotation currently includes: Legand of Zelda randomizers, Resident Evil 4, and League of Leagues.
Gaming | Streaming
YAHAHA! We are inviting you to the Zeppy & Friends community server. It's a server where most of us play Nintendo games and have fun, we are like a family but we are always looking for new members to come join and have fun too! We have the following features: Gaming Channels Are you a fan of Animal Crossing? Smash Bros? Splatoon? Mario Maker 2? If you said yes to any of them, then this server is good for you! Movie / Anime events Do you like movies or watching anime? Maybe you like some Jojo? Come here, we are big fans and we always like to share memes or watch together! Roles, colors and more! We have some level progression roles! You can pick a color you will like for your username! You can also earn more from hanging out with us and sharing your interests! Streams! Do you think you have a really good or hard level in Mario Maker? We hold streams showcasing levels people create! We also host an open lobby for Smash Ultimate players so they can show their skills!
Streaming | Gaming
Fun, friendly, active community of gamers! Come join us if you like games like Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite and more! We are the official server of streamer NML_lostranger. Be first to know when NML is streaming, so you can join live Roblox streams and hang out with other people who share your interests.
Gaming | Anime
A young, fun, loving community dedicated to ALL THINGS NINTENDO! If you love Nintendo and/or anything they've worked with and produce, this is the place for you! Meet new people who also love Nintendo, and start a discussion! Find more gaming buddies and be engrossed in a community dedicated to having fun and appreciating Nintendo in a safe, caring, and welcoming environment.
Le Hub Nintendo est un serveur de référencement, sur les licences autour de Nintendo et plus.
Gaming | Community
Un discord Nintendo Français pour les fans, par les fans
Gaming | Streaming
Welcome to SeVeR’s CSB Arena! This is a Discord Smash Bros Ultimate server for the Twitch streamer chargeshotbot! Fight and talk to your heart’s content and join my streams!
Gaming | Hobbies
A server focused on discussion of Switch and 3DS games. Come here to make friends, get help in your games, and just generally have fun!
Gaming | Community
Community | Gaming
Gaming, Nintendo, Family, Zelda, Pokemon, Sword, Shield, Animal Crossing, New Horizons, Pocket Camp, Fire Emblem, Heroes, Mario, Kart, Super Smash Bros, Splatoon, Lifesims, etc
Social | Gaming
recém criado, objetivo é reunir todos que gostam de uma boa conversa, vale a pena lembrar que está em fase de crescimento e mudanças vão acontecer ao longo do tempo, esperamos sua visita.
Gaming | Social
Server about zelda, cdi zelda, cdi memes, cdi, and we have mee6 levels.
Gaming | Community
A Discord server dedicated to Nintendo, especially Zelda! We welcome new members, and frequently hunt for new staff members. What we do: Just a chill server dedicated to Nintendo, but really just to have something to bring people together.
Gaming | Community
Zelda commu | FR est un serveur communautaire sur l’univers de Zelda ! Nous serions enchantés que tu viennes nous voir ! 🙃
Gaming | Community
Aifedesglitch est un serveur parlant des glitchs sur Zelda Breath of The Wild.
Gaming | Gaming | Community | Community
Server For all Consoles, App Games, Etc. Pokémon, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Marvel - Contest of Champions, War Dragons and others.
Gaming | Social
Discord officiel de Puissance Nintendo, site d'actualité consacré aux consoles Nintendo et aux jeux vidéo Nintendo Switch, 3DS, Wii U et plus !
Gaming | Community
Are you a Nintendo fan? Do you like talking about your favorite games? Whether you're a Smash, Mario, Animal Crossing, Zelda, Pokemon, or Splatoon player, you're down for a good time for an epic Nintendo community!
Furry | Gaming
A furry server for just about anybody. We mostly talk about N64 Games but any discussion is usually allowed.
Community | Anime
We are a new community called, "International Japanese Gaming Community" Its a community to help bring together and build Streamers and Viewers who love Japanese games and people who just love Japanese things in general. Please please please come by and support the community, if you are a streamer, viewer, lover, etc! Thank you all!! =D -Support Streamers who love streaming Japanese games. -Support from viewers who love watching Japanese games. -Weeb Emotes =) -Weeb Roles -Love and support from people who like the same thing you do!!