Gaming | Community
Super Mario server with a friendly community, good moderation, creative ideas, and categories or channels for: - Super Mario Maker, - Mario Kart, - Mario Sports, - Mario Party.
Gaming | Social
In this server we mainly talk about Splatoon, Smash, Mario Kart and more to come! Feel free to join us and make friends sharing your friend code!
Gaming | Meme
This is a server centered around Nintendo games. We also welcome anyone else that wants to come and just hang out.
Gaming | Community
Hello! Nintendo Union is a brand new and steadily growing server where Nintendo fans from all over the world can come together! Our goal is to nurture a mature community of people who love and appreciate everything Nintendo. We provide a place for you to meet new people, play games, and participate in server-wide events such as movie nights and game tournaments! We also aim to have a family friendly environment. What do we offer? - Down to play some Smash Bros? Nintendo Union’s where you should be - Have the need for speed? Come play some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Awesome server hosted Events to participate in - A super friendly and accepting community! Keep in mind that this is a very new server. We are constantly improving and growing by the day. So if you’d like to chat and play with fellow Nintendo fans like yourself, consider being a part of our wonderful community!
Gaming | Streaming
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is an unofficial Discord server for all things Mario Kart! Want to find friends to play with, join tournaments or just a general chat? Join today!
Gaming | Entertainment
Server for casual or hardcore gamers alike, we are a great community and intend to have a wide variety of games for all types of people.
Gaming | Community
Hello! Nintendo Palace is a server in which you can talk about Nintendo consoles, or even other games! Come play with us! =)
Meme | Gaming
Hallo leute in diesem server geht es hauptsächlich um nintendo games. Wenn ihr aber keine switch oder andere nintendo Konsolen habt ist es nicht schlimm. Wir haben auch chats für ps4 und xbox spieler. Wenn ihr wollt könnt ihr gerne mal reinschauen wir freuen uns über jeden einzelnen der uns beitritt.
Gaming | Community
Nintendo Switch discord server for the website which connects Nintendo Switch Online players with others through its matchmaking system for online multiplayer and local co-op so that they can find friends and start playing together. Our game Channels: animal crossing new horizons super smash bros ultimate fire emblem three houses splatoon 2 mario kart 8 deluxe pokemon sword and shield pokemon let's go pikachu and eevee pokemon trading warface diablo 3 fortnite paladins super mario maker 2 nes and snes online warframe arms dark souls monster hunter skyrim mortal kombat 11 dragon ball fighter z crash team racing stardew valley dragon quest builders 2 luigis mansion 3 doom eternal rocket league
Community | Gaming
Que tu sois fan de Mario depuis la NES ou depuis la Nintendo Switch, ce serveur Discord t'ouvre ses portes afin que tu puisses partager ta passion de l'univers Mario avec d'autres personnes Joueur assidu de Mario Kart ? Grand fan des Mario & Luigi ? Ou simple préférence pour les Paper Mario ? Tout le monde a sa place !
Gaming | Anime
A cool place to play Smash and other games!
Gaming | Community
Super Mario Discord Community Server Deutsch & English Mario Kart, Super Mario Maker, Super Mario Bros
Gaming | YouTuber
🎤Hello everyone, -📢This server is very active and also has AMAZING and 🎰TALENTED🥇 Nintendo --switch players.😎 -📢We are very welcoming and will always help you whenever you need help with your homework😁. -📢we also have very talented and helpful staff🧐 who will ensure everyone listens and follow #rules. -📢this is ⛔NOT⛔ a NSFW server and we are trying to ensure it stays like that. We hope that you will have, make new friends in the server and generally talk to some people in the server 😊 "Do anything, but let it produce Joy" Walt William.
Gaming | eSports
A mario kart 8 deluxe focused server with free tournaments every week, some casual, some competitive. The best over the year are invited to a grand cash prize tourney, think you got what it takes?
Gaming | Community
The Getaway Cafe is a community server based around Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nintendo, and cooperative/collaborative gaming in general. We started off as a small, application-based community, and we'd love to continue branching out and bringing in more people. We have all sorts of cool stuff planned for the future, as we continue to breathe new life into the server. ============================================================ WHO WE ARE - We are a tight-knit group of people, who care for both the well-being and the general happiness of each other. - We play all sorts of games, but our main focus is on the Nintendo Switch's exclusive titles, including Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Pokemon Sword/Shield, Splatoon 2, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, just to name a few.
Gaming | Entertainment
A small server for Nintendo Fans. Join for a fun and professional experience!
Community | Social
Hey👋🏼, Auf diesem Server wird acnh gespielt aber auch andere spiele wie Mario kart oder man redet einfach nur. Join doch zum server und hab spaß
Gaming | Community
We're a community of Nintendo gamers that play all sorts of Nintendo games. Come on by if you are a Nintendo gamer and want to play with others or you can share screenshots/videos of your progress in games. What we have: - Role Assignment channel - Categorized channels - Automatic post feed channels (need to go to #role-assignment channel and get Auto Posts role) - NSFW channel (need to go to #role-assignment channel and get NSFW role) - Music channel (need to go to #role-assignment channel and get Music role) - Friendly Staff and Admins and much more!