We are a small new server, our goal is to make a place welcome for people to chill, listen to music, join events, and play games. Bring anyone you would like!
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Nós Jogamos desde 2008, Jogos de FPS como SWAT, CSGO, BATTLEFIELD Series, entre outros. Nossos membros são Honrados e nossa grandeza não consiste em receber honras, mas sim em merecê-las, poderia aqui descrever inúmeras de nossas histórias mas a verdade é que essa é a chance de você fazer parte de nosso pelotão, tudo que vc precisa para se juntar é querer fazer parte de um grupo de amigos que tem por finalidade a diversão, respeito e compartilhar bons momentos no campo de batalha, nossos membros são maiores de idade com objetivo em jogar de forma séria e coletiva sem falta de respeito ou imaturidade. Não Fazemos exigências absurdas nem iremos exigir que você tenha que cumprir algum requisito, tempo de jogo ou qualquer outro tipo de exigência, apenas o RESPEITO e a CAMARADAGEM.
EFG Greek Community is a channel most for Greek Tactical Role Play and Tactical Action Games. If you are Greek Join! Over 285 members here!
55Larry personal discord. Twitch.tv/55Larry streamlabs.com/55larry streamelements.com/55larry
Comunidade RFZ TV!
Group finder for EFT
Why come here? -You can just chill and game here -You can take up some boosting services for a few games! -Monthly Steam Key Givaways(by me) We are a friendly bunch from all over the world. so everyone is welcome(please stick to English language though please). If you have anything to offer our currently small community(i want to grow) feel free to DM me and we can arrange something :D Please be nice have fun and don't die! :smile:
Looking for people to play your games with? Find A Team have players looking for teams on many games including Rust, Escape From Tarkov and Leauge of Legends
Escape from tarkov pirata latinoamérica en español, gratis.
Clan Magnus Legio, “The Great Legion”, is an organized and mature gaming community that plays competitive, PvP-focused games that reward our teamwork, coordination, and mobility. We have designed the Clan to appeal to casual gamers and hardcore gamers alike. Whether you’re someone who logs in once a week, or an intense gamer looking for an organized group—CML does it all.
**About Us** • Our priority is to ensure everyone has a good experience and learns something new. We welcome players of all skill levels and play styles. We enjoy other various military titles such as Squad, Arma 3, & more. A few of us tend to stream from time to time. Feel free to stop in and say hello! **Things To Know** • We have experienced Sherpas • We have detailed guides, maps, & more • We have recommended guidelines for in-raid • No required clan tags or strict rules • 18+ maturity level (no age requirement) • We are an English speaking community **Join Our Discord** • https://discord.gg/q3fSywV
The Squat EFT is a Level 3 Discord server with 20 boost from it's supportive, friendly and mature community!
Hello and welcome to the Tarkov Stomping Grounds. As you could guess this is a server primarily focused around EFT. You can find players, post videos, pictures and more here! This is primarily a NA discord server. We are an open community and anyone of all ages/gender can join.
This server features quickly accessible information for the game Escape From Tarkov. There are categories with links to all of the maps in the game, useful charts for ammo, armour, needed hideout items and quest items. There are also voice channels for squads and a channel for looking for other players.
Looking to get active tarkov players into one place to interact, play, and grow together! 1. We offer instructors to mentor new players 2. we have 24/7 activity 4.EU welcome! 3. We have trustworthy, reliable, and helpful staff. come on in, all are welcome!
A Polish Escape from Tarkov Server, trying to make a community that can play together and have fun together. Polski serwer Escape from Tarkov, staramy się zrobić grupę w której wszyscy mogą grac razem i mieć razem frajdę.
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We are a small community of gamers and weebs. I was forced to type this - Deddo
Escape from Tarkov server. Team finding, questions, help learning game.
This is discord is manly forced on tarkov but there are other games too
A friendly community for Escape From Tarkov. Focused on group play. New and old players welcome.
Hello, I want to invite everybody to this newbie friendly unofficial discord, there is always raids going on and people willing to help or teach you, we have lots of experienced and and people that are new to the game, running raids daily, helping with quests and getting loot, getting rubles in this discord is not hard and rats are welcome, there is lots of groups you can be a part of, join and see for yourself. Every member is welcome and we will be happy to play with you. We are teaching anybody that wants to learn LABS and get THICC loot, if you ever were scared to run labs fear no more, we have few members that are really good at labs and they will also help you get that sick loot.
Hello! I am a video game streamer who is aiming to become one of the best in the streaming industry! I mainly play BR and online games. I recently got rejected for Mixer Partner so i will now be streaming on Twitch again . Come join my community and let's grow together. I like to stream and be able to get to play with my viewers/supporters! I am also more than down to collab with other streamers! I also host weekly giveaways if i hit my weekly sub goal! Twitch: www.twitch.tv/daghosty