Gaming | Social
A gaming community focused on Battlefield. Most players for Battlefield 1 & V, however, also games like PUBG, CS:GO, RainbowSix: Siege, Apex Legends and more.
Gaming | Growth
“Pre-order Code Breaker Online the most realistic survival top down shooter that will ever be created from Dying Byte Games. Hardcore Tactical online experience in a post apocalyptic town of 600 square meters with hundreds of items, weapons and attachments to loot. 30 Players High-Quality Servers.”
Gaming | Community
Official Discord server of the Advent Crusade.
Gaming | Military
This server is dedicated to the most awesome wargame community in the world : Advanced Squad Leader!!
Community | Entertainment
MILSIM TACTICAL gaming server!
Military | Mature
Unturned, Arma (2 and 3), Insurgency, Insurgency Sandstorm, Squad, Space Engineers, Dayz, Rising Storm 2.
Gaming | Community
DOFUS is a top down tactical turn-based MMORPG with a unique and astonishing artstyle. Choose one of the 18 unique classes and work towards leveling up by diving into thousands of quests or fighting monsters from hundreds of different monster families. Each class has 4 elemental characteristic paths and 42 unique spells that are unlocked as you level up, as well as thousands of items to choose from, both for characteristics and fashion. You may also delve into professions, of which there are 13, from gathering flowers and other resources from the world, to crafting items using the gathered resources mixed in with monster drops.
Gaming | Community
tired of gaming alone?
Community | Meme
We are am open discord community for gaming, memes, humor, debates, history, and general chit-chat. We like to play strategy games, but every other game is welcome. What are we? We have a small, friendly and active community, moderately regulated, not too much and not too little. What is it for? why are we different? Our goal is to create fun discussions about world history ,politics, gaming, and philosophy! All are welcome, no matter ideology or country, with a slight exception to very antagonizing extremes (i.e Neonazism) which are not accepted. Gaming? We also play strategy and RP video games, if you are into that kind of thing! Ranks? In principle, yes. but we do not like the "You are superior than others" ranks, especially not with smaller communities where everyone is already important. So everyone is on the same level on enforcing the rules and access to channels for the most part.
Military | Gaming
Hello, My name is Jordan, I'm the owner of the New American Militia. We are a group of highly trained individuals with military-grade weapons and vehicles. We are waiting for people to join, chat, and game with new people wanting to fight in our clan/militia, we are here to support each other and get through tough gaming battles with heavy firefights and tactical gameplay, other than gaming we also do airsoft IRL where we become really tactical and sometimes crazy, so we have many opportunities to have lots of fun together and have the time of our lives! (This server is a part of the South-Side Reapers Discord Server!) >>-- What do we have here? --<< — Active & Respectful Staff! — Self-assignable Roles! — Social Media Advertising! — IRL Events! — Never-Ending Fun!
eSports | Gaming
Valorant server focused on the competitive scene on South America
Military | Mature
A chill server without the BS.
Gaming | Community
Old school tactical shooters like the classic Rainbow Six series, SWAT, Ghost Recon, ARMA and more. International gamers. Tactical first person shooters, strategy games and more.
Sports | Hobbies
Friendly gun hunting and outdoor server with animal care thrown in! Feel free to join!