Gaming | Social
A gaming community focused on Battlefield. Most players for Battlefield 1 & V, however, also games like PUBG, CS:GO, RainbowSix: Siege, Apex Legends and more.
eSports | Gaming
we are a growing community of up and coming pro and casual gamer's who are actively trialling and creating new teams in different games and genres to help the team and the individual players get the recognition they/we strive for using our social media and going to events to help spread the word about us and them we also have random games nights which involve anything from face cam browser games to community events we are a family and we look out and help each other when and where ever we can so if this interests you feel free to drop in and say hello make your self at home and come meet the guys
Anime | Gaming
An SMC-Based community where members can find other members to match up with, find squads, make friends and have fun together.
Entertainment | Gaming
Building a gaming/streaming community... feel free to dm me, we can play some games together and play on my minecraft server.. it is open for public and is still kinda in beta but i need all you to come and help me make it better and give me ideas, would appreciate all the love and support, thank u
Gaming | Community
looking to meet new people who are chill/competitive look no further join up with NGS
Gaming | Community
Welcome to Operation Sandalstorm! The home of socks in sandals! [ENG/DK] [OSAS] Which stands for Operation Sandalstorm is looking to recruit new members to be apart of our community! We are a fairly new and small community based off European and Danish people. We have our own licensed squad server in the official server browser! We are currently recruiting new people that would be interested in playing and helping us out with growing our small but friendly community! We offer whitelist slots for active players and we are also looking for serious people that have the possibility to be a part of the staff team. That includes admin / mod role on both our squad server and the discord! In the squad server browser our server should be listed as [ENG/DK]Operation Sandalstorm - New Player Friendly