Anime | Role-Playing
DRAGON BALL UNLIMITED is a Dragon Ball roleplay server for the entire franchise of DB. This is a fairly new server and we are trying to be as active as we can by constantly inviting new members to take part in the story line. We also have an upcoming event in a few days, so now is the best time to take part.
Gaming | Entertainment
Mobile Legends Academy is a Newly Created server for people across the SEA and EU server to make friends and improve their game skills by training with us. We welcome all language people and make our server fun for everyone..
Fitness | Community
A server for lifters, by lifters. Adult (18+), queer friendly, and open to everyone. Focused on being a positive environment for beginning and advanced lifters. Share your successes and your struggles, check your form, access research and information, and get focused. We are not a fetish server. We do not condone the sexualizing of our members.
Gaming | Role-Playing
Passion is a Roblox hotel rolaplay group. Our Motto: "We have Passion to make sure your stay is a night to remember!" Passion was founded on 04/16/2019 by rkgamesplay _____________________________________ When it’s time for a hotel getaway, Passion offers unique travel packages and great deals, each with a long lasting comforting stay and a satisfaction Guarantee! ☎️ We provide various hotels across ROBLOX each with it's own style and location.
Social | Community
Welcome to Tactical University! We're your one stop shop for all things Guns,rifles,knives,medical, training and more! Join us and lets talk!
Gaming | Community
Join the Forces of the Rising Sun; we are the fastest rising eSports organisation in Asia. Join a community of Asian FPS Gamers wanting to become PRO. more info: or
Sports | Community
Hello! Welcome to Movement Paradise! A place for parkour, freerunning and tricking!
Military | Role-Playing
Welcome at River Rattlers Arma 3 Unit. We're Primarily focusing on maintaining realism there-by Public and Private Operations. Those can include Combat Air Patrol (CAP) or Air to Air (AA) Fights. Our Trainers focus on making our Pilots as Combat Ready as possible. Trainings include Basic Fighter maneuvers (BFM) those are performed often during air combat maneuvering (ACM) Aswell do we teach our Pilots the Turn Performance of there Aircraft and best Persuit Curves and Persuit Tactics such as Lead Persuits, Pure Persuits, Lag Persuits. And then to finish Offensive / Defensive Flying Tactics and way more. If you want a Realistic and Fun Flight team come to us.
Gaming | YouTuber
hey feel freee to join this fortnite box fights zone wars discord server and help us grow
Anime | Gaming
We are a group that plan on playing shinobi life 2 when it comes out and then train together. We welcome new player at the moment we just chat in the group but as i said when the game comes out we will have our own organization and probably to clan wars
Gaming | Community
Der offizielle Discord des Minecraft Trainings Netzwerkes InTrouble! Unsere Spielmodi: > Bedwars > BuildFFA > KnockFFA > MLGRush
Community | Entertainment
Hello, this server is made so that you can be trained to become a Moderator in a discord server. In order to begin with your training and receive your digital certificate that states that you passed all four phases.
Gaming | eSports
[FR] Serveur communautaire de Kiwi sur Fortnite : Training / Recherche de joueur / Mooving Zone avec système de classement [ ]