Language | Community
Language Practice - Language Learning - Practice the language you are learning.
Entertainment | Gaming
PracticePvP - HCF - ComboFly Pvp server
Language | Community
Language Hippo is a server dedicated to learning and practicing other languages!
Gaming | Community
EU-NA Proxy Practice Network.
Gaming | Entertainment
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Gaming | Streaming
Valent Network Server network based on a high-class pvp network. Our current gamemodes: Practice, Daily UHC Events, UHC Games, PotSG, HCF. Exercise your pvp skills!
Streaming | Gaming
Nuevo servidor Practice con varias modalidades a gusto de los usuarios! :D
Art | YouTuber
This is a place for people to post their art to share it with other people! I personally do calligraphy and post it on a daily basis, so this server is for people like me who want to see some amazing art or learn to do something brand new. If that doesn't convince you, we also have memes. Enjoy your stay!
Education | Language
A server for sharing Japanese learning resources and practicing through casual conversation.
Gaming | eSports
Aiming To Help You Get From Silver To Global With Less Of A Headache.
Gaming | Education
Here you can play and train with members of the community. We offer free coaching for our members and we are always looking for more coaches to help out. We have daily practice sessions, blog posts, streamers, coaches, and more! Join to take your Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game to the next level!
Gaming | Technology
We are a new and upcoming HCF server that is going to be re creating HCF how everyone always wanted it to be.
Language | Education
If you are looking for a server to help you learn Bulgarian language and connect you to native speakers this is the place for you,
Gaming | YouTuber
What is Reside Network? We're a 1.7-1.8 HCF & Practice server striving to become one of the leading servers / played servers in the HCF & Practice community, we have an active community, known and talented developers, and a community orientated workforce. We're looking for new ideas to bring to the HCF & Practice community and we'd love your input! Come join the discord.
Gaming | eSports
Our custom made 10 Mans Bot will automatically choose captains, map vote, and ( coming soon ) show end game statistics! While captains use simple commands to pick their teammates and everyone votes on what map to play! It even says who hosts the game!
Gaming | eSports
A Top Tier No Zone Rule Scrim Server for Top Tier Practice
Gaming | eSports
A Top Tier No Zone Rule Scrim Server for Top Tier Practice
Community | Gaming
ViperPvP is an upcoming practice pvp server. Providing you with features and an amazing AntiCheat to prevent cheaters. 220+ PvP Arenas 25+ Custom Kits Crates & Ranks :D NON P2W Tons of Events High Proformance 1.7 to 1.16.2
Gaming | Social
Wealth Network is a Minecraft server that offers OP Prison, Practice and Survival! Go check them out!
Gaming | Community
The only deathmatch server purely focusing on improving the aim of the average FiveM roleplayer.
Community | Gaming
|Φ| HistoryMc |Φ| Servidor de Minecraft Latinoamérica con modalidades interactivas como: - Factions - Survival - Practice - Minijuegos (Bedwars, Skywars, Zombies, TNTRun, HungerGames, CaptureTheFlag) - SkyPvP Todo esto y próximamente más modalidades, ¡te esperamos!