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This server is mainly for MC UHC players.
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A Minecraft UHC Server
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BulletPvP Network's public Discord.
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Minecraft Italia UlG Server Discord della Community UlG Unisciti a noi, alla nostra community, e ai nostri contenuti di qualità!
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Valent is a pvp server friendly to all types of players, whether you're a beginner or a pvp veteran. We host UHC', have unique gamemodes and much more!
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FuturzNetwork Servidor: 1.7-1.8 Modalidades: Skywars, FullPvP, UHC
HazardUHC Discord Server, join to stay updated whenever a match is posted. Twitter: @HazardUhc
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Online minecraft community, practice and uhc’s are being considered to be added. Join now we are also doing giveaways.
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Exeo UHC is a Reddit UHC server focused on hosting UHC games from the site Minecraft UHC (Ultra Hardcore) is a gamemode created by the Mindcrack group. In this gamemode the winning team/player will be the last player/team standing with the only way to heal being potions, scenarios and golden apples/heads. Join our server using the IP: Follow our twitter at: @ExeoNetwork
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Hey there! Interested in joining a cool Minecraft server? Well knows the perfect time, with Discord/Minecraft getting constant updates & people flocking to their PC's out of boredom. Anyway, **Blockparty** is bored & needs **you today!** We offer the joy of having funl & playing minecraft. So what are you waiting for, join already! ❤️
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We are a new upcoming Minecraft network which was many gamemodes such as Factions UHC skyblock Kitpvp and many more
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Osmium Network is a 1.7/1.8 UHC Network with other game modes including KitPvP and Practice. Join our discord for giveaways, announcements & UHC game feed: 🕹Server IP: 🌍Website: 💸Store:
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Bienvenido a The Stardust,Jugamos gran cantidad de juegos y hosteamos eventos de minecraft,como nuestro exclusivo UHC SKYBLOCK y otros torneos de otros juegos.Ademas de que tenemos desarrolladores de videojuegos,que mostraremos nuestros proyectos y ustedes también pueden.Tambien nos gusta Jojos
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Skyblock, UHCs and More Soon