This server is focused in Minecraft, precisely PvP, Parkour and minigames like skywars and bedwars. It has custom features, emojis, bots, everything you could ask! If you join it, I hope you have fun :D
Greetings You have stumbled McNoble, we host Tournaments with prize pools, and we make giveaways for un-migrated Minecraft accounts, we usually do the tournament every 3 weeks and the tournament prize pool is usually around 30-50$
Dracarys is a gaming community which originated from Minecraft factions. We have expanded to give gamers the ability to select roles for the games they would like to play and chats to find people to play with. We also provide content creators the ability to share their gaming content with the community with access to our advertising channel! We're always looking to expand our discord to accommodate for more games. If you're looking for a fun and safe community to play with, this is the place!
Hypixel skyblock coin shop for irl money.
Hello, Everybody we are providing lots of things Gaming,Hypixel,General You will have lots of fun in here we are having some giveaways too JOIN NOW!!!! STAFF APPLICATIONS OPEN!!!!
An innovative HyTale server in the works. Follow us for news and exclusive offers for our upcoming release!
This server is mainly for MC UHC players.
YaraPVP is all sorts of Pvp server. You can play Kitpvp, factions and much more.
1ere commaunauté Francophone sur Hytale ! Rejoingnez-nous pour profiter d'un lieu où échanger avec d'autres personnes partageant la même passion que vous pour Hytale !
Le serveur discord réservé à la Communauté d'Artekyrion !
Hytale Turkiye Discord Sunucusu
Official Discord Server for The Black Diamond Gaming
I found it a little bit annoying in the auction system on the server to buy a full set of armor or sell a full set of armor. So I decided to make my own Auction system in the discord server, and hopefully, you would like to join us on this journey. We also have a shop system, you can create your own shop and buy from others! more info on this topic is in our discord server!
meet my brus innit aweeeh
Hypixel Skyblock trading and selling discord, Join for cheap coins!
minecraft diffymc discord for fun and minecraft chats and youtube
Daily Giveaways for coins Free skyblock coins Cheap skyblock coins Skyblock coin market
Fastest way to progress!
Are you interested in Minecraft? Are you a Minecraft YouTuber or do you watch Minecraft YouTubers? Then this is the place for you! Winston's Hut is a discord server revolved around Minecraft Streamers going live, where you can check out their livestreams and join in on the fun! Not to mention, there are monthly giveaways, contests, and special general-talk parties where you go on Minecraft. Why not join the Hut? :D
A family friendly community full of laughter originally founded around a survival Minecraft server. We have weekly events and clubs taking place in our Discord such as Movie Knight, Game Knight, and Coding Club. MagnaRisa's Minecraft server is a unique community-driven survival server that focuses on building. We hold monthly community meetings as well as frequent server-hosted events. This community has been going strong for 7+ years and looks forward to making new experiences with our community. Our goal is to make the survival experience a fun and friendly time for everyone. It takes new players joining in to help us achieve this goal! Join today to build friendships and buildings!
Discutez, Créez, Partagez! est un site communautaire sur Hytale en France du studio Hypixel, créé par des fans du jeu. Suivez les principales news du jeu et sa date de sortie, participez aux débats sur notre forum. Téléchargez de nombreuses ressources: maps, plugins & mods, outils, et bien d'autres ! Partagez avec la communauté vos créations et présentez vos serveurs Hytale.
The Biggest and Most Active Hytale Discord Server, with thousands of active members, based upon Hypixel Studios' new upcoming game - HYTALE! Sign up on our Hytale Forums and promote your Hytale server at
Join the OFFICIAL community for the Hytale Wiki!
This Server Is Made For People Who Play Hypixel. We Have Friendly Staff And A Chill Community To Hang Out With. You Can Play Games, Ask Questions, And Find Parties.
Ark and hytale servers, community
Here we have a rapidly growing community of players across the world 🌍 And we want you to be a part of it.
The official Discord server of IAmViolent and his community. The IAmViolent Official Discord server is a chill, fun, family-friendly, Minecraft oriented server. Come join and meet some new friends and have some fun playing Minecraft!
Discord server for the Fortitude guild on Hypixel.
A friendly community for the game Hytale.
Welcome to the Lightning Craft Network! The best place to make friends and play minecraft! We do giveaways, games, bedwars and much much more. Come down and take a look!
Hypixel Skywars Discord
A Twitch community where you'll be able to meet other members, streamers and more! Come support the stream! Streaming almost everyday at 9pm UK time <3
Community-run league for Hypixel game TowerWars! You are welcome to join whether you are playing or just around to watch!
Hey! Do you want super cheap Hypixel skyblock items? Well look no further! Here at The Hypixel Maket we sell skyblock items at an astonishing price Join our discord to see our prices: (Join button) Some custom prices: Coins Per Mil: $4 SC3000: 2/per Ench Lava Buckets: 2/per AND THAT'S JUST 3! I had also sold to a lot of people before starting this server, so I hope to see you there!
Our main goal is to establish a friendly community for people who enjoy playing Hypixel SkyBlock.