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Serveur de la communauté Dédié au multijoueur civilization 6 francophone
Gaming | YouTuber
The Official Discord Server for the YouTube Channel "Keniisu"
Gaming | Social
Welcome to Civ V Muliplayer, the largest server primarily based in 6 person FFA, draft style, no mod all DLC for Civilization V.
Gaming | Role-Playing
Serveur français pour les jeux de type 4X tel que : Stellaris ; Civilization ; Europa Universalis ; Crusaders Kings et bien d'autres. Entraide, conseil, discussion, game multijoueur...
Largest Civ6 MP community
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Ahh yes, the legends are true weary traveler. It is our name that not only echoes throughout the very chasms of the internet, but also whispers on the very wind that blows. We are Project Nutsack, and yes. . . you have found us.
Gaming | Hobbies
Community made HUMANKIND server, feel free to discuss the historical strategy game where you will rewrite the entire narrative of humankind!
Gaming | Hobbies
Small but open community of chill people. We talk about gaming, D&D, tabletop, music, tv, movies etc. Play a bit of everything, feel free to ask for someone to play with.