Emoji | Anime
A server with Anime No Emotes for nitro users to use on other fun servers. Enjoy these fun Anime No Emojis!
Gaming | Social
Welcome to Civ V Muliplayer, the largest server primarily based in 6 person FFA, draft style, no mod all DLC for Civilization V.
Gaming | Community
Just some shitty server with some of my friends. Join if you want, we sometimes play MC, CSGO, or OW. We also sometimes play smash.
Social | Gaming
Socializing, gaming together, giveaways, memes and a bunch of other stupid stuff.
Community | Gaming
Adding more channels later on, no cyber bullying, racism, swearing etc. If you want to add a bot, message me under the owner rank (orange) and I can add it for you. First 5 people to join get moderator if you want it but dont abuse it.