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MechWarrior: Living Legends Official Community Server Founded in 2007 by Wandering Samurai Studios, and initially released in 2009, MechWarrior: Living Legends is an award-winning total conversion mod for the Crysis Wars (formerly for Crysis) game by Crytek. The mod has undergone a storied history since its first release, and development for it resumed under the community's direction in late 2016 after cessation of development by WSS in 2013. Please read through #rules and #faq when you join, and don't hesitate to ask questions about how to play and such. We're a small community, and as such will try to help newcomers as much as possible. Welcome to MWLL!
Gaming | Design
Twitchcord is a BetterDiscord plugin which aims to make Discord look and feel more like Twitch.
Bot | Support
A cross-server reputation bot. Let your users know who they're dealing with before the first hello!
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We are a fun family on the way to becoming a gaming team across the globel.
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GTA V Mods / Modded Lobbies / Paid Services -You can buy gta money for low prices -Join Modded lobbies -Join giveways
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Dark theme for speedrunners! Invite link that isnt bugged:
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GTA5 recovery and money services, fast and cheap!
The official Discord Server of the ME Series, a series of Minecraft modded maps!
Gaming | Community
Courageous is a Minecraft mod meant to improve upon the vanilla survival experience.
Community | Gaming
|GC| Project Reality - Community & Teamwork
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Cheap Recovery Server on GTA 5 Online PC
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⚔ Argonia | Serveur PvP/Faction Minecraft sous Launcheur moddé ⚔
Gaming | Programming
Team Fortress 2 Vintage is an community created, open source version of Team Fortress 2.
Gaming | Programming
The is the Discord server of the Aura Development Team. Here you can task with us, get support for our plugins and just have a good time.
Community | Social
✷ A small super-chill Discord server with active members. The server is under development and will take suggestions into making it the best possible. Become part of a growing community and be the first to join. ✷
Gaming | Social
Welcome to Civ V Muliplayer, the largest server primarily based in 6 person FFA, draft style, no mod all DLC for Civilization V.
Community | Education
[Looking for mods] A small community interested in typology/MBTI and enneagram, here you can discover more about yourself and get typed by other typologist and even discuss personality theory.
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MoneyDropLobby the official discord server. Join for GTA 5 Online Money, LvL, Modded Accounts, Unlocks and Giveaways! Server got deleted many times* That's why sometime there aren't that much peoples in the discord server. Thanks your MoneyDropLobby
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Discord server for aLTis' Halo CE mods. If you are interested in Bigass or other Halo mods then you should join!
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Welcome to Nosgoth ! The game was officially cancelled in May 2016 after a journey of two and a half years. Meet the loving fans who never gave up hope, that one time Nosgoth returns.
Gaming | Political
Fraternité de Rébellion is a Hearts of Iron IV mod set in the flames of 1933 where the French Revolution failed.
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Chill atmosphere, a lot of vcs, not a lot of staff
Entertainment | Meme
In This Server You Instantly Get Admin!
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community server with lots of games and roles to offer
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No rules pokemon trading.
Community | YouTuber
XS1, a community server. Our goal is to establish a friendly community. Staff applications are often open. ■■■■■■■□□□□□□□ In XS1 you can : ☆Listen to music ☆Take part in Giveaways ☆Meet new people ☆Use multiple bots (More coming soon!) ...And so much more! Join today!
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Lumber tycoon basedrop and more
Gaming | Community
• Friendly Community! • Cheap Recoveries • Official Mod Menu Reseller! • Giveaways! • 24/7 Support!
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World of MobsterRP Is a NEW FiveM GTA V MOD / Game Play ! (In progress!!)
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GTAV Modding Service money drop shop recovery
Community | Gaming
Free money drops in GTA 5, with the option to purchase premium packages. We have a 100% success rate, and an NSFW channel.
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TTT Server von Hello_Future und JellyTV Folgt uns doch auf Twitch:
Gaming | Community
VIVARIUM Rust Server