Here you can play and train with members of the community. We offer free coaching for our members and we are always looking for more coaches to help out. We have daily practice sessions, blog posts, streamers, coaches, and more! Join to take your Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game to the next level!
This is the educational Discord server for League Of Legends. Find information on improving your gameplay with resources available and ask high ranked players in depth questions about your play! Climbing the ranked ladder has never been this easy with all the essential resources in one place!
Any Gamers Welcome! CSGO Based But we support any game. FREE COACHING
Hi guys, im Azodd, currently starting a fresh new discord that revolve around buying/selling acc, eloboosting, coaching as well as finding duo smurfs. If you need any of this: -Eloboosting -Coaching -Duos -buying and selling accounts -Join giveaways Make sure to join the server! Feel free to also check our shoppy :
Hi there! Looking for a smash server designed for helping you improve your gameplay? Then Super Smash Showdown is for you! We are a Smash Server dedicated to helping players improve, with various server events, coaches to teach players, and various resources and options available! We also have small crew, which we are looking to expand our roster for, which is known as Smash Showdown Crew! (SSC) Despite being a small crew, we have high expectations. anyone can join, but for the crew, you gotta prove your metal! Things to expect/see in SSS/SSC: - biweekly tournaments - monthly server PRs - coaching - crew battles (vs other crews and as server events) - positive environment with members who support each other! Thank you for reading this and we hope to see you there!
Patchcord is the official Patchryan Discord server
Free Overwatch coaching for gold, silver, and bronze
Coaching - Boosting - Rocket league - Financial -
*Elo boosting service *Boosters up to Challenger *EUNE, EUW, TR, RU, NA
Hi there! Sad here, a Diamond 2 player (of all roles). I've started a Discord community where you can ask questions, get advice, and share those 200 IQ plays. A hub for all of those who want to improve, get better and have fun at the same time! I'm here to help, I'm here to answer your questions, and I'm here to invite you to our magnificent server that you can join using the link below. Any doubts? Fear not! Feel free to message me at my Discord: This Is Just Sad#7964 Until then, see ya
Shadows Rocket League Boosting Service, a safe, reliable, cheap and fast way to get your desired rank.
A community of education for Summoners from League of Legends. We provide free coaching, VOD Reviews and other helpful tools to help fellow summoners (Both Individuals and teams) learn & improve in League of Legends. North American (US/Canada) & Europe (EUW/EUNE) Regions Only!
Just a place to get your league of legends account a higher rank than you should be :)
League of Legends | Coaching | Boosting
A server to help anyone in need whether it is school or daily life
This is a League of Legends coaching server. You want to get better or be a coach yourself? Have a look! - The coaches are getting paid 100% of their earnings, the server does not take a cut. - Every paid coach has to go through an application process, to make sure he's worth your money.
Super Smash Bros casual-competitive server for the Nintendo Switch
Welcome to EloLabs! Here, we make sure that you get the Elo that you deserve. Coaching Service for League of Legends to help you get better
Reaper EloBoosting is the server for your top choice about ELO boosting! Our team consists of verified high elo players d1+ who are dedicated to bringing you best, fast, secure, & discreet services. Solo/Duo Boosting Net Wins Placement Coaching
Challenger League of Legends Coaching from an Ex S04 Coach and Professsional Coach.