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Community | Fitness
This community is a chance for YOU to engage with other individuals sharing similar interests! We motivate each other, we support each other, we have fun together. *What we offer:* • On-site COACHING • Fun/Enjoyment (Including movie nights, etc.) • Advice & Motivation • A place to be YOURSELF!
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Contact the server owner, bankshaft#7615 for any questions or to get some coaching! This is a discord for mordhau. *FFA areas by map* •Camp: Outside the camp walls, nothing done in these areas should effect the dueling area inside the walls. •Adamant (Modded): In the designated FFA area and inside the SandBoxTP Portal. *Non-FFA Maps* •Contraband •Tournament: (Modded) •Moshpit Modded dueling maps will be rotated periodically!
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Gaming | Streaming
Free Overwatch coaching from a Top 500 coach with a supportive community!
Gaming | Streaming
Server for coaching and elo assistance of all sorts, also kinda doubles as a stream discord? And clash and among us and minecraft and a whole lot of other stuff.
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Gaming | eSports
Ferzerk's Discord Server. We all just shilling here. Talk about anything gaming, esports, psychology, relationships, or a combination of any.
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eSports | Streaming
iRacing Discord Server - Helpful for those learning how to get better at iRacing and racing in general. Lots of relevant content and media, as well as fast members to assist with coaching! Come visit and join the fun!
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Gaming | Streaming
Free Overwatch coaching for gold, silver, and bronze
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Gaming | Financial
Coaching - Boosting - Rocket league - Financial -
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Gaming | Education
League of Legends | Coaching | Boosting
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Education | Community
A server to help anyone in need whether it is school or daily life
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Education | Gaming
This is a League of Legends coaching server. You want to get better or be a coach yourself? Have a look! - The coaches are getting paid 100% of their earnings, the server does not take a cut. - Every paid coach has to go through an application process, to make sure he's worth your money.
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eSports | Gaming
Welcome to EloLabs! Here, we make sure that you get the Elo that you deserve. Coaching Service for League of Legends to help you get better
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Gaming | Meme
Reaper EloBoosting is the server for your top choice about ELO boosting! Our team consists of verified high elo players d1+ who are dedicated to bringing you best, fast, secure, & discreet services. Solo/Duo Boosting Net Wins Placement Coaching
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Gaming | Education
Here you can play and train with members of the community. We offer free coaching for our members and we are always looking for more coaches to help out. We have daily practice sessions, blog posts, streamers, coaches, and more! Join to take your Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game to the next level!
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Gaming | Social
Developed in 2015 by a few groups of friends who one dismantled but a member @𝕭𝖎𝖙𝕰𝕾 | かみ傷 came back, who started the community. Our Soul Purpose is to bring a community of gamers and Coaches to come together and be in a lively community.
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Tabletop | Gaming
♗The MCC is an online chess club not a server. ♘Our goal is to connect chess players around the world. ♕ We offer, FREE lectures from titled players (As often as we can afford). ♖ Friendly & fair moderators and staff. ♔ Helpful community of active members. ♙ We can't wait to have you as our newest member!
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eSports | Education
Welcome to the **Galaxy News Academy**, the Leading Academy Server in the Mobile Community. **__We specialize in:__** > • Training members of different Mobile Communities. > • Advice and training from the Top Coaches of every region. > • Team Specific Training. > • Teaching on how to play competitive maps. > • Bridging the gap between the competitive scene and the community. We welcome players of all skill level. If you are brand new or aspiring to become better, we can help. Feel free to ask questions anytime. *Currently looking for additional Staff Members and Coaches.* Permanent Link:
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Gaming | Business
───────────────────────────────────────────────── Here you will find one of the cheapest boosting and coaching services on the market for EU and NA regions. With an outstanding team of Masters+ ranked boosters, your desired rank will never be out of reach! With a solid reputation from hundreds of completed orders on many of the well-known boosting services with much higher prices, we thought why don't we provide the exact same service for a cheaper price? That is why we are proud to announce the launch of our very own boost platform, expanding our horizons to the community with affordable prices for all! Any questions you may have feel free to message me directly, we are glad to welcome you to our server :heart: ─────────────────────────────────────────────────
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Gaming | Entertainment
League of legends original L9 discord server, A community, Gamers, Chillers, and giveaway server
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Gaming | Financial
Hello there, are you trying to get a higher rank but you are getting annoying mates? Or do you want to flex with your friends with more elo than you? Or even u want to try to fight with higher ranks people? Dont worry, you are in correct place, by joining this Discord we offer you Rocket League Boosting, Coaching, Replays Analyzing and Tips to help u get greater for the cheapest and fastest service. As soon as we talk to you we begin helping what you need, any other question join our discord and ask for it, good luck with your grinds!
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Gaming | Community
The Community Server for Trials Contenders Coach,!
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Gaming | Entertainment
Looking to play with other people, free coaching, tournaments, inhouses or just to have a chat with other players? Rocketeers is just the place for you! We're a friendly Rocket League community with the main focus being bringing everyone together! We've made a special bot for you with ranks to ease to process and find you teammates to play with! Come join us!
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Gaming | eSports
Fortnite Help. Hello! Future member of Fortnite Help! We are a fast growing fortnite coaching server. We have multiple different coaches for different regions, and active staff! Join today!
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Gaming | YouTuber
This server is based on the content creator DistinctGamer101. The main content of it all deals with gaming, YouTubing, streaming, and hanging out! It's the coolest place in town to hang out, have a good time, and enjoy yourself with other people! What are you waiting for?
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eSports | Education
Welcome to Coaching discord server. In this discord server you can experience: - Friendly community - Weekly giveaways - Coaching // Helping
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Gaming | eSports
🔥🔥 💎Master + Boosting and Coaching for League of Legends and TFT on ALL SERVERS💎
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Gaming | Community
A Valorant community dedicated to helping players learn and improve their gameplay mechanics. We offer FREE gameplay Vod reviews and coaching!
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Gaming | Social
🍷 Overwatch Mafia 🍷 ======================== A brand new Overwatch server aimed at bringing people together to find members to play with, grow in their gameplay, and have all around fun together. We have lots to offer, such as: 📣 Fun Events 💸 Giveaways 📝 Free Coaching 🤝🏻 LFG ⚔️ Pick Up Games 💯 And More! Come discover a new server to call home, find friends, and improve your gameplay!
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Gaming | Education
Servidor brasileiro educacional de Overwatch para ajudar jogadores a subirem de elo e fazerem novas amizades.
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Sports | Fitness
TRI NIRVANA is a community dedicated to helping each other grow in the world of IRONMAN TRIATHLON and LIFE! We will continue to improve our system and introduce more systems related to swim/bike/run training & racing, team building, interaction and growth. We're a fast growing community with many friendly active members, feel free to hangout and make our community yours. Support our community by upgrading to TRI-CLUB membership at: After subscribing you will receive your personalized training via TrainingPeaks. Please @CoachSam for a free trial!