✨ Gaming ✨ Chillin ✨ Streaming ✨ meeting new Friends ✨ Dank Memes ✨ nsfw ✨ Content sharing ✨ All that good stuff. Come through and see if ya like it here!
Um servidor para jogadores brasileiros de rocket league!
Rush-B Ducks Discord Gaming Server
Gaming eSports Organisation Public server.
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A nice community with nice people to chat with. I got a weird feeling that i want to change the world. The world needs us. We are the Discord community. We can change the world. We need you.
Utopia gaming means community, E-sports and competitiveness. We hope to be able to grow a player base for E-sports lovers of multiple games and reward them!
A friendly community that host bi-weekly tournaments!
Rocketleague Community
OMG! Elite Switch Club?!?? Yep, you found it. The best Nintendo Server Around! We have Rocket League, SSBU, Splatoon 2, and More! Why are you still reading this? Join ESC Today! p.s. We do constant giveaways.
Avapire's Shire is a friendly place to enjoy gaming with others, chat, post memes, and have a good time. We are small, but i hope that we could turn into a big community someday! This server is tied to Avapire's twitch streams, where they play various games and chat with anyone who feels free to join!
Este server es una comunidad gaming donde podrás encontrar jugadores conectados con muchos chats de diferentes juegos, tales como: R6, LOL, CS-GO, minecraft, Rocket League, y demás juegos que estamos añadiendo.
A small gaming group.
Hiii all. Lemon Gang is my discord server which I aim to make a thriving gaming community (whether it be a small or large group). Rocket-League aswell as many other games are palyed here. :D Make my day and join Lemon Gang for some fun banter.
This is a RocketLeague focused server if u enjoy rocketleague and are looking for teammates join this server
Jamers sempre! Comunidade brasileira Rocket League, CS:GO e Minecraft (A piada é Gamers só que com J)
--< Underground Gamers >-- - Underground Gamers is a small but growing community built around friendship, competitiveness and having fun. - With supportive staff, little toxicity, and frequent game nights & competitions, you won't want to miss out joining us! - As well as this, we are also looking for different people to fill different roles, and applications will be coming out in due time, so if you would like a chance, join now!
HOG Elo Boosting is a discord dedicated to serving its customers with high quality, affordable ranked boosts. League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, and more.
Gaming,Chill,Anime,Meme etc. Server mit coolen Leuten [lul].
Shadows Rocket League Boosting Service, a safe, reliable, cheap and fast way to get your desired rank.