Gaming | Community
A chill server for anyone who just wants to hang out, make new friends or play games. We have an active voice chat with people from all over Europe. 16+
Community | Entertainment
- Denne discord serveren er et fellesskap av mennesker som liker å snakke om forskjellige ting. Vi har edgy memelords i serveren btw. - Serveren er i utgangspunktet off-topic. Du vil møte et mangfold av folk snakke om forskjellige ting. - Bli med serveren vår! Lokalsamfunnet sier velkommen til alle nye folk! :D
Entertainment | Language
Nordisk Union (Nordic Union) is a server for everyone. You can talk about whatever you feel like since we approve of free speech.
Social | Meme
Original memes, Food Porn, Voice Chat. What else do you need?
Community | Social
All are welcome
Community | Music
Welcome to K-pop Scandinavia! ⇢ ˗ˏˋ - a social server dedicated to the Scandinavian k-pop fans from the three northern countries! - who are interested to talk and discuss about in Korean entertainment, pop and culture.
Furry | Gaming
Amazing server
Gaming | Anime
The main idea was a server for norwegian's who oftentimes find themselves awake at the "wrong hours" of the day to come and chat #nightowls , >this is in no way a requirement though!