Streaming | YouTuber
Server for making friends and keeping updated on streams and uploads!
Chill environment to interact with supporters of my stream. A place to chill and find other people to play games with.
Gaming | eSports
Uncrowned Gaming provides free, community driven, online resources for advancement, development, growth and improvement of our user's shooter genre game focused activities.
Gaming | Community
Good day to you Gamers and Anime lovers, We are the Den of Legends and we are happy to have you be apart of our community. Our members range from the casual player to the hardcore fans. Feel free to drop in and see what we are all about. We are always accepting those who seek to play without the extra stress, it's a game, have fun.If you are in the mood for competition, we have top ranked players that are always looking to team up. Hop on in the discord and start up a conversation about the newest anime and mangas or even some game lore or just show off your stats and you can also organize some teams or just hang out and jam together there is plenty of things to get into. This is a game and we understand real life stuff happens! We just ask that you vent off mic. We are a xbox community and are also on discord here is our link
Gaming | Streaming | YouTuber
A community for those who love gaming and want to hangout or play some games
Gaming | LGBT
Older group, mostly 20yr+. PS4 and PC players mainly. Started as a small group of my friends and looking to grow. We're mainly playing rocket league, shooter and RPG, but we do various games like Minecraft, mini games and even Animal Crossing. This group is also friendly, funny and just wanna have a good time. LGBTQ are welcome! We do not tolerate hate in this group. I'm a 35 yr old gamer that goes by VEE (letter V) that hates playing alone so come on in and make some new friends.
eSports | Gaming
Hello! If you want to play Valorant feel free to join our server! We have: :pepeHappy: Some usual channels like general, music bot, and other. :spongebobDancing: Small but friendly community and active stuff! :truegamer: A lot of cool emojis (mostly pepes) :patrickHi: Feel free to join!
Gaming | Community
looking to meet new people who are chill/competitive look no further join up with NGS
Gaming | Community
Hi Peeps! Welcome to Fancy Bacons Gaming Hub! Here we have created a little community of friendly *adult gamers. One of our founders owns a server and hosts multiple games for us including: -Ark -Night Of The Dead -Minecraft (Blightfall) -RTS Games (Age of Mythology) And more. We're always adding new games and looking for fun people to join and hangout with.
Gaming | Role-Playing
**Nueva Comunidad Gamer, Juegos Multijugadores y Cooperativos** *"con la intención de no ser la comunidad de alguien, sino la comunidad de todos"* - Donde cada uno es Administrador de sus propios canales - Con las Ventajas de una Comunidad y un pequeño servidor privado de amigos a la vez. - Crea Canales Públicos o Privados - Monta y nombra tu grupo de Amigos Gamers - Recluta nuevos integrantes para tu grupo - Nunca te quedes sin gente con la que Jugar - Descubre nuevos juegos en los que pasar un rato divertido - Crea o Participa en Eventos, Partidas Personalizadas, etc.. ** Haz de esta Comunidad Tú Comunidad e Invita a tus amigos: **