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Proud to be the first Animal Crossing Discord server! 🎈 💎 Level 3 Nitro Boosted Server
NookTown is a server dedicated to Animal Crossing addicts trade buy sell & share everything related to AC
Gaming | Community
Hi! This is a fun and chill server to make friends who play animal crossing! Get friend codes, share dodo codes, trade furniture!
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New and Upcoming ACNH Server based around trading,friendly faces all around and strict rules when needed.
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Hi there! I sell everything Animal Crossing related. Nook mile tickets, bells, furniture, DIYs Check out discord in bio. I also host giveaways No hacked items! Over 100 Sales!
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Older group, mostly 20yr+. PS4 and PC players mainly. Started as a small group of my friends and looking to grow. We're mainly playing rocket league, shooter and RPG, but we do various games like Minecraft, mini games and even Animal Crossing. This group is also friendly, funny and just wanna have a good time. LGBTQ are welcome! We do not tolerate hate in this group. I'm a 35 yr old gamer that goes by VEE (letter V) that hates playing alone so come on in and make some new friends.
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This is a Nintendo server, one where you can hang out, play games, vibe, and not get made fun of. You can talk about other games and series as well. It's primarily limited to Nintendo, though we also talk about ps4 and xbox games... if you have any suggestions ask some admins in the server. This is also home to youtubers, and streamers alike... so you will be pinged for those streams.
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A very friendly, loving community. Everyone is welcome <3
Hey, wir sind eine ständig wachsende Animal Crossing Community. Wir haben täglich neue Gewinnspiele in denen ihr Nook Meilen Ticket und Sternis gewinnen könnt :) In unserem Discord kannst du Rüben und Items tauschen, QR Codes finden, dich täglich über Geburtstage von Bewohnern informieren, deinen FC tauschen, im Fotobuch coole Bilder posten und noch vieles mehr. Wir freuen uns auf dich ! 🤗
Hi there! We want to invite you to Dr. Shiny's Nook Mile Emporium server! Not only is the server Animal Crossing related, but we also sell/gen for Pokemon. We have great deals and on special occasions do discounts. Anything you wish to do is possible, no matter what request. For animal crossing we offer Bells, Nooks, Furniture, Trees, Flowers, Materials, DIY's, Clothing etc. For pokemon we can do normal star-shiny, ultra-shiny, competitive Pokémon, any held items, any region, EV's, IV's, Hyper-Training, Eggs (hatched or non-hatched), nicknames, Friendship, you name it! If you want the Pokemon under your name/ID just let us know beforehand. looking forward to having you join and be a part of our growing server! :)
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This server is for Animal Crossing, where Animal crossing new horizons fans can talk anything about animal crossing. We also host catalog parties and giveaways :)
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An all-girls server, including trans women and non-binary. A safe place to play with a bunch of girls on different platforms, as well as a wide variety of games!
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A animal crossing server for all! :D There is a animal crossing art section where u can post ur fanart of animal crossing!
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The Planetary Guild is a friendly 13+ and SFW discord server. Our server's main goal is to provide all members with a safe space to enjoy the world of gaming!
Wir sind eine noch kleine aber sehr nette Discord Community in der sich alles um Animal Crossing New Horizons dreht. Bei uns kann man alles besprechen und Material, Bewohner und alles mögliche miteinander tauschen. Ich und meine beiden Assistentinnen freuen uns sehr, euch bei uns zu haben! Bei Fragen oder Anregungen wendet euch einfach an den Anführer oder einen der Vizes
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Free animal crossing items and basically anything. I guess i can't offer proof this is just your choice :/
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˚✧₊⁎ A place for K-pop fans and Animal Crossing New Horizons players to hang out! We are a multi-fandom server!