Gaming | Tabletop
Gezellige samenkomst om te kletsen over games, bordspellen, TCG's. We hebben een webshopje en een minecraftserver draaien. Regio Rotterdam EO.
Community | Gaming
Gamer Lifestyle Community. We love nerdy, tech, arts and gaming
Gaming | Technology
This server is a chill server where we have a lot of fun. We usually talk about tech and the main theme to the server is tech.
Gaming | Technology
This is the first PC Gaming discord to exist on the app, we are not pc elitists. We welcome all users to come and join. There's multiple channels for gaming and dedicated areas to get help with your PC and other technology. -SallGoodmanServers
Technology | Gaming
epic gamers only
Gaming | Social
GG is an all inclusive Server for any kind of gamer! We welcome respectful and kind people who are just looking for some good fun with new friends.
Gaming | Anime
"Feras" is Latin and translates to "game" in English, which is what this server revolves around. I made this so that members can network with each other and find like-minded individuals to befriend. The server is quite new, made August 7th, 2019. The server still requires some work with some of the game channels. If you stop by I hope you enjoy, you are welcome to invite your friends. ~Rebellow~
Gaming | Community
Brand new Black Desert Online Guild! Join us to have fun!
Gaming | Community
Welcome to Shenmue United! We are a large community of fans passionate about the cult classic game series 'shenmue', which originally released on the Sega Dreamcast in 1999. We are looking to grow and expand the horizons of this server and hope to see more passionate Shenmue fans join soon. Come join us!~
Gaming | Streaming
Like playing an RPG or Pixel Art? Join our Discord channel then. Friendly people await you for on-topic and off-topic chat. Features: - Active chat - Meme - Giveaways
Gaming | Community
You should join this server it's where you can meet other YouTubers and talk with them and hangout with really cool People we have the Best Staff Members and we have no Strict Rules of any kind we have Custom Roles for YouTubers! We are a YouTuber Group where all YouTubers are welcome we will support ALL Members like helping each other out we hope to see the Community Grow!
Gaming | Hobbies
Welcome to The Gamer Connection! We are a community of gamers of all platforms classic, current, and future that enjoy discussing and sharing collections, tips and more! Whether you're looking for a laugh, or the latest reviews- we have you covered!
Gaming | Crypto
Robot Cache is built on the blockchain for two reasons; to ensure the security of the games being bought and sold and to allow Cachers to mine and be rewarded with IRON when they are not using their machine. An ecosystem built on fairness that promotes more great games to get made and played! That‘s how everyone wins! Come join the discussion!!
Gaming | YouTuber
We are a Clan from Division 2 called Dog-Company my aim with this Discord server is being able to bring a lot of gamer's in to one community to always be able to find some one to game with and to become friends.
Gaming | Community
We welcome you all to join Gaming Empire. A friendly gaming discord with active members and fair staff! We dont take ourselves too seriously and we encourage you to come here and have fun. We make it easy to find a group for most games, primarily PC but all platforms are welcome!
Gaming | Music
Rockstar Gaming
Gaming | Community
A server for PC Gamers and Creators to play together, stream together, or just chill with each other.
Gaming | Fitness
The Stronggamers server is powered by and its a place for our community to chill and chat all things bodybuilding and gaming/fitness! We have influencers, pro gamers, personal trainers, nutritionists and of course awesome staff & members!