Welcome to The Pub! This is a meeting place for mainly Dutch and Belgian players, but other nationalities are also welcome, both casual and competitive. It's all about gaming and having fun together. Can I join? Yes, if you can answer the following points with 'yes' you can also participate: You're 18+ and/or have a good amount of common sense, you need to have a headset/microphone and you bring a good dose of fun with you!
ламповая прибалтийская компашка с мемасиками, актуальными новостями, скринами и музычкой
This is the "Batltefield 4 - 1 - V LFG" Discord server. The concept is simple. You will see 3 game categories: - Battlefield V - Battlefield 1 - Battlefield 4 Under each category, you have the option to create your own Squad voice channel, or join one of the existing ones. Once you created a channel, you can manage it as if you are the server owner and the channel will continue to exist as long as you and/or other players are in it. Once the channel becomes empty, it get's deleted again.
Luxgaming Community
Welcome to Wolves of War! This is a FPS based fun clan. If you would like to play with us, feel free to join our Discord server.
Bem vindos(as) Fundado em 2008, o COBRA (Comando Oficial Brasileiro) é um clan sem fins lucrativos Multi-jogos FOR FUN (sem obrigações de jogar, treinar etc), com foco no Battlefield. É constituído por uma equipe jovem (de espírito), gameniacos, pais, resenhistas, parceiros, dinâmica e ativa (alguns passivos). Todos nós adoramos jogos, jogar, e falar sobe jogos._____ Somos parciais/imparciais (depende da embriaguez) com opiniões bem formadas ou não, gostamos de desempenhar bem o nosso trabalho._____ A equipe Clan [COBRA] aguarda você aqui... Discord: https://discord.me/clancobra Encontros http://bit.ly/2JWpNWa Fanpage https://www.fb.com/clancobraoficial Grupo Facebook http://bit.ly/2qGit8i Grupo WhatsApp http://bit.ly/2OVPlnj Instagram http://bit.ly/2qGiwB3 Recrutamento http://bit.ly/2J0n0Kb Servidores BF http://bit.ly/2EUHD88 Twitter http://bit.ly/2HaAQsM Youtube http://bit.ly/2vwtDSL
Serveur multigaming Francophone
Project Reality is a standalone Battlefield 2 modification with a greater emphasis on realism combat environments, teamwork and cooperation with 50v50 servers. Featuring over 20 factions with hunderds of weapons and vehicles. Download for free today! Chat with the developers and the community in our public discord!
Nós Jogamos desde 2008, Jogos de FPS como SWAT, CSGO, BATTLEFIELD Series, entre outros. Nossos membros são Honrados e nossa grandeza não consiste em receber honras, mas sim em merecê-las, poderia aqui descrever inúmeras de nossas histórias mas a verdade é que essa é a chance de você fazer parte de nosso pelotão, tudo que vc precisa para se juntar é querer fazer parte de um grupo de amigos que tem por finalidade a diversão, respeito e compartilhar bons momentos no campo de batalha, nossos membros são maiores de idade com objetivo em jogar de forma séria e coletiva sem falta de respeito ou imaturidade. Não Fazemos exigências absurdas nem iremos exigir que você tenha que cumprir algum requisito, tempo de jogo ou qualquer outro tipo de exigência, apenas o RESPEITO e a CAMARADAGEM.
Official Discord server of ZEODE Gaming.
A gaming clan looking to expand.
A gaming community focused on Battlefield. Most players for Battlefield 1 & V, however, also games like PUBG, CS:GO, RainbowSix: Siege, Apex Legends and more.
✅ We have a ton of active players & community events ✅ We're a friendly bunch (vets, new players, ex-competitive) and don't take anything too serious 🚩 Find rules & our peak hours @ #rules-and-info and #faq-and-info - it's quick, I promise 🚩 Joining a game/looking for a squad? #looking-for-a-game 🚩 Tech/game issues? We got you - #tech-and-troubleshooting We make ourselves available for our players so if you need anything, have concerns/comments/suggestions you can always @ Admin or message any of us individually and we'd be happy to help. We're all just trying to build a community where we can have fun and a good time. That said, glad you could join us! Hope to see you in the discord and in-game. Cheers!
German Battlefield, FPS Community
The Discord server for all of the Console Gaming League's (CGL) Battlefield related events, announcements, and community. We host 6v6 pick up scrims, community tournaments and ones featuring prize pools.
if you search a active bf community you are right here
CaptainCortiaL Server's
This is a new dutch (BELGIUM) discord, we play random games like Cod - BF - Ark. Feel free to join us!
TOT1 Gaming community. Battlefield, Call Of Duty, PUBG, Escape From Tarkov, Minecraft, World Of Tanks, WOW, Rocket League, Apex Legends and many more games. Join our Discord to have fun!
Dutch gaming discord DiamondHaze is de gezelligste pc & ps4 gaming groep van Nederland! Met een snel groeiend leden aantal zijn wij actief in spellen als PUBG, Rainbow six, CSGO, Rocket League, Battlefield 4+5 & Fortnite. Dit vooral op pc, maar ook op de ps4 hebben we een aantal actieve leden! Lekker hazen en lekker rekken We zijn sinds 2013 actief als gaming groep en verwelkomen elk actief lid!
Hallo, Battlefield V Germany ist ein öffentlicher Server der dazu gedacht ist andere Spieler zu finden und gemeinsam zu zocken. Freundlichkeit und eine offene Art sind uns wichtig. Wir würden uns freuen wenn wir dich bei uns begrüßen dürfen.
Welcome to the Dead Friends Gaming Community. Note: We are a UK located, English speaking international gaming community.
Just a chill place where a bunch of old friends meet up to game. We welcome new people to game with.
RHI, was established in Texas of 2006 and primarily plays Battlefield PC Games. Now, to this day, we have members from all over the United States and other parts of the world. If dedicated servers are available, they will always be hosted from Dallas, TX. RHI primarily plays Hardcore Mode if available. We are always looking for mature members to join us in the Battlefield. If you are interested or just to hangout then join our discord or submit an application. RHI is a 17+ and over, NA PC Clan. Our Website and Facebook Links are below. Clan Leaders = KOMORA & Loardos
The Eagle Elite is a multinational Battlefield clan which always recruits new members for playing together and having fun. We currently own 3 Battlefield 4 servers!
Detroit based PC Gaming and Airsoft enthusiasts group.
Gaming, talking and everything else. Join today!
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We are a friendly community of gamers who actively play and support Battlefield Bad Company 2, Call of Duty and many other games. Come join us because playing together is more fun!
The Oceanic hub for Battlefield by DICE. Providing LFG, events, giveaways and more.
We are a Team who have been playing battlefield BFV , APEX, COD, R6S and many other games, we are very friendly people from all over the world. please feel free to introduce your self to our members and server Admins. There is no need for applications to join our team, All we ask is you join in with us when you can and have fun
🇧🇷 Bem Vindo ao Discord oficial do Battlefield Brasil. 🇪🇸 Bienvenido al Discord oficial de Battlefield Brasil. 🇺🇸 Welcome to Battlefield Brasil Official Discord. Invite: https://discord.gg/YUAkpKM ou https://discord.me/bfbr
Battlefield Modding Community! A Discord server all about modding the Battlefield series. From Battlefield 1942 to Battlefield V!
Old school tactical shooters like the classic Rainbow Six series, SWAT, Ghost Recon, ARMA and more. International gamers. Tactical first person shooters, strategy games and more.