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Band of Brothers (BoB in short), is a gaming community mainly focussed on Battlefield 1. Join us for info about our In-game servers, Clan-wars, and more. We have an active administration for all your needs, be it reporting hackers, to rule-breakers in-game.
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This bot is made to get the current stats of games like Battlefield 2, 3, 4, hardline, 1 and 5 as reaction in the chat. For bf3, bf4, bfh and bf5 you can add psn or xbl in front of the command to get stats for console players, by default(without psn or xbl in front) is for pc players. This bot was made by Band of Brothers gaming community members - https://discord.gg/bobofficial - https://bandofbrothers.site/ If you want to support me: paypal.me/iiTzArcur For request for changes and issues, use the Community Network discord: https://discord.gg/xTkmpxFXDy Need access to the api: https://api.gametools.network/docs