An RP that takes place within the Naruto universe but without canon characters. It has its own, ever expanding plot. Its own villains. But don't worry, the clans you know and love are still here! With the ability to create your own original clans and jutsu as well! (High ranking character, jinchurikies, kekkei genkai abilities, have to be earned. Do not come thinking you can start with any of this.)
Our Warcraft 3 Reforged community is based out of North America and are players whom have played on USWEST / USEAST. We also welcome other players who will be playing on the Americas server. The discord has multiple clans combined into one group and each clan chat channels relay back and forth for continuous communication. Facebook Group:
Home to the Reddit Oak clan (Clash of Clans) - a proud member of the Reddit Clan System (RCS)
Looters Only is a collective of FWA (Farm War Alliance) Clans in the mobile game, Clash of Clans.
Welcome to the xMr and xMs clan. A gaming clan with friendly and dedicated gamers who are experienced in a range of different games. The gaming platform for this clan is on XboxOne. Name changes are required as-well as tryouts before being accepted into the clan.
The Official home of the UNSC Clan community.
Coffee Can Rust try to keep it close to vanilla, we only use plugins that are highly neccessary! Instant craft, 3x gather rate, custom increased loot, raid block (stops TP and remove during raids), increased stacks, no limit teleportation, set homes with beds, remove tool, clans plugin, max 5 group limit, voting rewards and playtime rewards. + a few more Steady 15-20 player base, PVP is allowed but we encourage friendliness!
Hey, Das Ventalis Team lädt euch herzlich ein in unsere Community beizutreten. Ventalis ist eine Community wo ihr über fast allen Spielen reden und diskutieren könnt Bsp.: "Ihr wollt ein Netzwerk machen bei RageMP". Dann schreibt in unserem Forum denn ihr unter "" und dort könnt ihr Dann euren Server vorstellen und Spieler gewinnen. Ventalis ist nicht nur eine Community, sondern so ihr könnt euch auf unseren TeamSpeak treffen denn wir noch errichten werden, dann könnt ihr euch dort drauf treffen und Spiele Zocken wie "Minecraft","Black Ops 4/3/2/1" oder "Rainbow Six" und noch ganz viel mehr. Wir Hoffen, das wir euch Überzeugen konnten. Ventalis ist nun Futur.
The Clans Community Discord, or CCD for short, is a CM/Community run discord, dedicated to the game of Clans on the Mineplex network.
Clash Royale - Die Banana Warriors bestehen aus 6 Clans. In den ClanWars sind wir sehr erfolgreich - 3 von 6 Clans spielen in der Legendären Liga - die anderen 3 sind "noch" in Gold . Kontinuität zahlt sich eben aus. Unter uns befinden sich auch einige erfolgreiche Turnier-Spieler und nicht zuletzt Streamer, die in ClashRoyal aktiv sind. Bei unseren Mitgliedern legen wir wert auf Aktivität im ClanWar, Freundlichkeit im Umgang mit Anderen, sowie Spass im und am Spiel. Unsere Clans: Platin Bananen Neon Bananen Radium Bananen Xenon Bananen Chrom Bananen Cyan Bananen
A discord server for Minecraft players.
Servidor para comunidad de Clash of clans, recutar miembros compartir ataques o diseños de aldea.
A small Discord server for anyone and everyone! Whether you like to roleplay, play video games, talk about anime like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, memes, we have it all! This is still a work in progress but there's a lot to offer in this server!
The official Discord server for the InKz clan! Join if you are a member, or if you would like to join, add and DM ChuJay#7589, our owner!
Salut à tous et à toutes je vous présente mon serveur rp que j'ai crée avec de l'aide bien évidemment, nous avons essayé de trouver une histoire originale ainsi que des bonnes activités à faire dans le rp afin que tout le monde soit diverti et s'y plaise dans le rp
This is a new active warrior cats roleplay. It is located in a place where humans never set foot on. Two clan live in this place Bryonyclan and Asterclan. but all places have its problems and secrets. One clan is brutal and the other is newly founded. Which clan will you choose? there are still a couple high ranks available. Learn more by joining.
[World of Warships] [EU-NL] Nederlandse Community voor spelers op world of warships! - Chat - Divisions - Hulp van spelers uit de top clans EU. - Actieve updates over de supertest.
Clan Details: Clan Name: eSports Legendary Clan Tag: e5L / LgC / LgE Clan Region: USW /CA Clan Leader: JollyStream252 & ! - YTcarrotboi Clan Game: Forward Assault / Critical Ops / Standoff 2 Discord:
plz come play games with us
DGS is one of the oldest surviving small to medium gaming communities known to date. We started in 2013, back when Arma II Cherno life was around. We’re a dedicated and established gaming community, wanting to create the best community experience for our members and players. Join us as we ride down the road of building a great community for all.
WarMatch is the clan stat tracking tool for Clash of Clans. Our Discord Bot & website record random matches & Clan War Leagues with no purchase required!
Very social teaching clan for adults in Clash of Clans. 🍍 TH4-TH9 ONLY. Part of The Clash Files Podcast Family. Apply to join in our family's Discord-Partnered server: 🛸
Fun group of adults who are passionate about Clash of Clans wars. 🛡️ Part of The Clash Files Podcast Family. Apply to join in our family's Discord-Partnered server: 🛸
Loot farmers that enjoy beating up clans in Clash of Clans wars. 🚜 Part of The Clash Files Podcast Family. Apply to join in our family's Discord-Partnered server: 🛸
We push, farm, war, & make funny memes in Clash of Clans. 🏔️ Part of The Clash Files Podcast Family. Apply to join in our family's Discord-Partnered server: 🛸