We are SBD (SoBaD) Team SoBaD is Recruiting we accept all player on any console/system WE ACCEPT EU We are looking for experienced fortnite players to join our clan
This is Team Apex, we offer... A Great community, Kind Staff, Pro Players At Fortnite, GFX and VFX, What were looking for...
Upcoming Fortnite Clan. Based in EU NAE and NAW
The FaKe Clan is a very Competitive Fortnite Clan, that is accepting everyone, but there is requirements. Requirements: 1. over 25+ wins 2. Has to be nice 3. Has to have a little skill Competitive Team Requirements: 1. Over 55-65+ wins 2. Has to be really kind 3. Has skill in scrims DM for more info
The VOOM Clan's official Discord.
Das ist ein Fortnite Clan für jedermann. Es gibt immer genügend Leute zum zocken und man verbessert sich regelmäßig. Außerdem gibt es verschiedene Ränge(Member, Competitiv Member, Pc Pro, Controller Pro, E-Sports). Wie ihr einen dieser Ränge bekommt erfahrt ihr auf dem Server. Viel Spaß!
Welcome to Team Rapid! We are a Fortnite Community & Clan and have recently opned our Discord Server for the public. Why should I join? 💎 Upcoming and Growing Clan 💎 Friendly Community 💎 Chance to help win competitons for prizes 💎 Bots 💎 Professionaly laid out server and clan 💎 Chance to feature in weekly-tournaments Our server is growing and we need YOU to help us grow. We also have a YouTube and Instagram you can check out which can be found out on the Discord Server. There are many people who are also willing to make friends. You can see the small community grow one day into a large one. Do you have what it takes?
Hey, looking for a fortnite clan? Click here for more information!
We are Xenofy our clan ofers: -free gfx -a roaster for eu and na players -pro and casual team -clan with 70+ plus members -pc xbox and ps4 players -ranks Here are the rules: -1) No racism or other bad language 2) No excessive swearing 3) No spamming 4) No mic spamming in voice channels 5) No advertising or links to anything that breaks the rules here 6) Do not impersonate anyone (meaning don't change your nickname to the same as them) 7) Use the text channel for it's purpose.
Fortnite/SSBU eSports team that is looking for members and staff
just a simple Fortnite server
Meet new partners or people to play with in this server. We are currently growing and trying to get new members. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are currently looking for staff members and/or moderators!
Team Anastic ist ein deutscher Fortnite ESports Clan, der stets wächst. Unsere Spieler sind von guten Spielern bis zu sehr starken ESportlern.
NICE CHILL FORTNITE CLAN READ RULES BEFORE YOU JOIN WHAT WE OFFER gfx vfx WHAT WE NEED i need subs on my yt dm me for that comp players xbox/pc players goated players
We are Team Leverage, a all platform NAE and NAW clan. We are looking forward to you join us, and giving us the leverage we need to beat other teams.
A competitive and casual fortnite clan always welcome to new members.
Gaming Fortnite Clan
Wanga Fortnite Clan and Wanga Gaming and social media community
A Fortnite clan that was destroyed by some annoying admins, reborn. Trying to grow, if we have enough players we're going to start doing creative tournaments.
🔲Come Join the Kook Clan🔥 Discord server🏝🔲We got special customized roles for you all to earn🙏🔲And we have a chat level leaderboard so you can rank #1🥳🔲Apply for the Kook Fortnite Clan🔥here + feel free to DM @Kook Blaze with any questions!👍🔲
Hello, if there is any chance to join us, let me convince you by telling you. -No age Requirements -Mic is optional -Support all platforms -A organized server -And we have tons of space for you in our member roster! JOIN TODAY FOR A GOOD TIME!!!!
Suomalainen Fortnite eSports tiimi! Kilpailuja tulossa!
Team Tenserity Is Recruiting! 🔥 We Are Looking For Talented Fortnite Players (Comp Or Trickshotters) If You Are Looking To Join Check Out Our Server For The Full Details.
TEX Server is a Mult-games server for many games like Fortnite, Rocket League, GTA, Rainbow Six Siege, Modern Warfare, Minecraft