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STW Black Market - trade,giveaway,build and more
Community | Gaming
Trademart is a CS:GO, community-powered trading server. We host frequent skin GIVEAWAYS! Over $8000 given away so far. WEEKLY GIVEAWAYS • ACTIVE COMMUNITY • STONKS
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Here at FNBS we strive to continue creating a safe and friendly buying and trading space for the Fortnite community, We offer the following services: Middle Man, Buying, Selling, Trading. If your looking to upgrade your account then you've come to the right place!
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Retroservers is a Trade and Deathrun server community for Team Fortress 2. Come join us and have fun!
Business | Gaming
Sell, buy or trade items in Roblox, ingame items or accounts. You can also share your roblox shop.
Community | Gaming
The Nook Road is dedicated to getting exclusive items from trading with other players in Animal Crossing.
Gaming | Business
Discord server for those who want to sell, buy and trade their Marverl: Strike Force ( MSF ) account!
Gaming | Political
Globecraft is a new, Swedish-based but international minecraft server! The server is a towny one, based on an earth map. Create your own town, your own nation and go to war! Roleplay, fight and trade all you want, play the game however you want to play it!
Gaming | Business
Financial | Investing
trading different forex currencies , metals , crypto and moree
Gaming | eSports
A new community of active players, where we can communicate 24/7 and find a duo/squad partner at anytime! Chat, trade, play, etc..
Gaming | YouTuber
Roblox Dungeon Quest group, also the POITY1 FAN GROUP. Giveaways, raids, trading, etc.
Community | Gaming
a place to play games,trade,buy graohic designs from one of the best designers , make new friends , and just to chill . So do enjoy your stay
Gaming | Anime | Community
A new Pokémon server where members interact, battle, trade, and play across different platforms! Giveaways and Tournaments are our favorite features! Join Today for a friendly experience! Catch em’ all, trainer!
Role-Playing | Social
Welcome to Aujō! A fantasy island made for casual roleplayers that don't want a lovecraftian or DnD heavy world to RP in. We have many races to choose from and many roles you can take up in the descriptive world of Aujō. Staff will always be there to help.
Crypto | Community
We’re a new hybrid decentralized exchange using a newly developed technology called the Decentralized Clearing Network. You can get started and find out more by visiting our website at Until further notice, merkleX is currently operating as an: invite only platform. In this Discord server we plan to practice transparency by keeping you updated on new features, bug fixes, and all things merkleX. The founder @patrick and team (@Alex & @_anthony) play an active role in the discord server and we are happy to answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The merkleX Team
Investing | Financial
The premier stock options community on Discord, run by real Wall Street traders. Our analysts work everyday to find the best buy alerts for stocks & options for our members.
Gaming | Business
Buy | Sell | Trade > Summoners War Accounts
Social | Hobbies
Betta community for Singapore and it's neighboring countries, all are welcome though :D
Gaming | Social
A Community for Pokemon.
Community | Technology
💰💰Trade/buy/sell for FREE 💰💰 Do you have something to sell? Want something to buy? You can trade stuff too!. Join now!
Business | Crypto
Cool server for Trading and selling stuff
Business | Financial
Infinity Services was created for the beginning of January 2020, and has since been on a mission to grow as a team of professional freelancers who all take pride in our fast services and professional customer service. We aim to provide high quality work, to go above and beyond expectations, and to be reasonably affordable.
Community | Social
This is a server where you can advertise your digital products/services if you wish.
Social | Community
A laid-back fashion server on the rise! Help grow our community and connect fashion designers, stylists, and connoisseurs! 💐
Community | Investing
Football, Stock Market, Trade, Community
Gaming | Social
Friendly for all ages Pokemon Sword and Shield oriented server. We cater to all previous Pokemon games too! Frequent giveaways and fun content every week!
eSports | Entertainment
Le serveur ROCKET LEAGUE est pour ceux comme moi de trouver des partenaires et aussi pour faire des échanges. Nous sommes sympathiques et les modos sont disponible les 3/4 de la journée. On compte sur vous!!!
Community | Programming
=💎= 𝐟̲̅𝐒̲̅𝐤̲̅ ̲̅𝐜̲̅𝐑̲̅𝐚̲̅𝐂̲̅𝐤̲̅ =💎= ⭐) Big Daily Giveaways, Random Drops ... ⭐) Accounts, Proxies, Tools, Combolists ... ⭐) Marketplace with trusted sellers ... 🇮🇹/🇺🇸
Crypto | Education
Trading tools built by traders, for traders. Helpful community with a Kaizen mentality.
Gaming | Role-Playing
Pokemon Sword and Shield Genning Services. Any custom pokemon you can legally get in sword and shield you can make it part of your team. Also tournaments with free custom pokemon to winners.
Gaming | Music
PokéHub is a discord for Pokemon trading, chatting and Pixelmon!
Business | Financial
This is a Market Place server where you can buy, sell, and trade goods! We also do giveaways and have an active support team ready to help! so what’re you waiting for? Join now!
Gaming | Business
A shop for Animal Crossing: New Horizons where you can buy Bells, Nook Miles Tickets, Furniture, and much more.
Gaming | Entertainment
Virtual trading for steam games such as Rocket League or CSGO.
Gaming | Community
The Most Advanced CSGO Trading Server On Discord!