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This server is dedicated to helping people who are new to trading but also for intermediate and pro users who want to improve their trading skills.
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Stock market. Options trading. Crypto. Forex. We accept them all and we want everyone to speak to one another. Join today!
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If you search a good trading Community, here we are. :)
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The largest and most profitable trading groups in the world. Join our server today and be another proud member of the CTG.
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Comunidade de Trading
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trading different forex currencies , metals , crypto and moree
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A crypto and forex free and paid signals group. We deal with anything crypto or forex. Stop by for a friendly educational trading atmosphere.
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Daytrading with NinjaTrader
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High Traders - Crypto - Stocks - Forex - Gold
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Welcome to the XSeries PRO Discord server. The purpose of this Discord is to introduce a suite of new MT4 trading tools to the community. The Metatrader 4 trade tools we have recently developed can benefit all traders, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional trader with decades of experience under your belt. We are offering two suites of MT4 trading tools, XSeries PRO and XSeries LITE. XSeries PRO is a more advanced set of tools while XSeries LITE is a more basic version. We are going to begin by introducing the XSeries LITE version first. During the education phase and rollout, all tools will be absolutely FREE for at least 6 months, possibly longer. The first 50 users that actively participate in the software rollout and improvement phase, will be given a FREE lifetime subscription for participating in the software rollout. We need your feedback to find out what people like, don't like, or suggestions to make the tools even better.
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The StockMarket is a diverse financial environment, changing daily. We understand and want everyone to succeed and understand the way the market moves. Follow us for daily charts and trade ideas.
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Ceci est un serveur de signaux pour le trading d'options binaires. Avec 85% de trades prospères, nos traders avec plus de 5 ans d'expérience sont là pour partager, enseigner et tirer profit de nos propres signaux. Nos utilisateurs peuvent en apprendre davantage sur les options binaires, le trading et investir sur les marchés financiers avec nos mentors. Commencez dès aujourd'hui à investir avec des signaux gratuits, discutez avec d'autres membres et partagez vos résultats. Amusez-vous bien!
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Are you looking for people to learn trading with? Forex, crypto or stocks ? We have a lot of Elite traders who provide free alerts, education and chart analysis
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Chat for traders. Trends, forecasts, discussion. Чат для трейдеров. Тенденции, прогнозы, обсуждение.
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Server for discussing stocks and crypto trades. We are NOT a pump group, we just share ideas on markets and try to help each other find breakouts.
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All Free Trading Discord, Veteran Traders and rookies all coming together to talk stocks forex crypto and all different types of investments. Bots that pull up custom charts with HEAT MAPS and more features. News, Plays, Calls, Data Dumps and overall just a great group of people to engage with. No verbal abuse or rudeness, bunch of traders going through the daily hurdles together.
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Trader's Paradise ╭━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━╮ • Detailed guides for beginners •Stock Options, Spreads, and Long-term Hold daily signals! •Friendly Environment •FQ&A's •24/7/365 Support •Free Signals from Expert's ╰━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━╯
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The Trading Pit is a friendly Market trading server for all traders, We aim to help educate new traders as well as seasoned vets.
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Fastest growing community of retail traders focusing on the FX markets. Swing by and say hello - No Premium Services, Nothing for Sale, No BS... Simple!
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Mare | Forex Tips is a Forex Trading community. We started our community to help people earn money through Forex. The monthly membership is 50€ and you get 3 Tips daily. If you don't have experience with Forex, we made a tutorial explaining everything you need to know before you get started.
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We snag money from the markets
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We offer the BEST Crypto Trading VIP Signals groups which are out there. We have 50+crypto channels, all in one place on Discord and Telegram. We have the BEST PRICES in this space.
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MCR Trading is a welcoming community for any level of Trader! Feel free to come and share your knowledge and analysis of the Markets! There are channels for you to text and talk about your preferred Trading style and potential set ups! Come and join the fun and discussion!
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A server where free knowledge about the financial markets is given. Analysis every Sunday and Volatilty(VIX100,VIX75etc) Signals sent Daily.
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Join the InvestmentSociety:fire:® Discord Server! A free, community ran, educational discord server based on trading, investing, and generating wealth. Discuss, educate, and inform others within the group for the best results! LETS GET RICH TOGETHER
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The Social Trader is an Investments and Trading community focused on collective learning and sharing. We focus on FOREX, Commodities, Indices and Cryptocurrencies. Share and get feedback on trade ideas, technical analysis and signals, and benefit from the community’s knowledge!