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Community | Meme
Multiple Daily Nitro/Game giveaways 🌟Make ACTUAL friends 🌟 Active Text/Voice 🌟 Events that earn you prizes 🌟 A fun community built by friends from the ground up🌟
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AETHER • egirl • chat • social Icon
Community | Meme
Multiple Daily Nitro/Game giveaways 🌟Make ACTUAL friends 🌟 Active Text/Voice 🌟 Events that earn you prizes 🌟 A fun community built by friends from the ground up🌟
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Crypto | Financial
Crypto Calls for all is beginner trading focused discord with education and premium signals from crypto swings, (Den of Honor) and Rose Premium. Along with an exclusive feed of over 100+ other channels all for free. Cryptocurrency trading is easy with the use of the Bots on our discord. We believe we are the best free crypto server out. Welcome you to come join us on our trading journey from 0-Millionaire.
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Investing | Financial
Join our group and chat with other traders about how to day trade. We also have a Daytrading course available which is fully supported in chat! Our focus is on day trading stocks, ETFs and options, but all forms of trading are welcome. We are here to provide a fun, professional and respectful environment for traders of all skill levels.
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Community | Design
Welcome to Aurora Cruises! Aurora Cruises is a discord server reimagined. We have features such as, board-able cruises, destinations to visit with exclusive bots and unlockable roles, keycards which help unlock special channels, and more! Win nitro by inviting the most people by the end of July!
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Crypto | Technology
Who are we? We are a discord server that posts free binance futures signals. Join us today and see our gains in #signals Icon
Crypto | Financial
This is the official server of Cryptocurrencies.Ai. We are a Binance partner spot and 125x leverage futures crypto exchange. I would love for you to join our growing discord community, in which you can discuss news regarding cryptos, share your knowledge, ask questions to the team, even to the CEO, and much more!
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Education | Financial
Room to discuss and talk about futures and forex trading with NinjaTrader platform And also to talk & comment about The Indicator Store Trading Tools
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Financial | Crypto
Welcome to /r/wallstreetbets! Stocks, options, & futures trading community. Verified net-worth roles. Live ticker bots.
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Crypto | Financial
Crypto Signals Premium is a server where your trading journey will become easier, and more profitable! Here you can find accurate buy and sell signals, by some well-chosen analysts that has got an experience with trading. That also provide market updates, share their point of view, and what are the possible scenarios that will happen. (Market Updates 24/7) Here you could also find a community that's full of traders, you could make new friends, and help each other. Enough of lonely progress that's full of boredom and stress, get to know other people, help each other, see what semi-professionals think, and improve.
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Financial | Growth
Over The Money is a futures trading server, where we discuss the know how in how to get the best bang for your buck and make it as a trader, playing the long game, so you can get some big gains. Trading psychology Completely free, no ads Live twitter feed Active admins Good memes Free trading strategies
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Financial | Community
Trading community about Futures daytrading, orderflow and footprint. We have Voice room and education rooms, and a opportunity to get funded by Leeloo trading.
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Financial | Education
This server is a place for traders and aspiring traders to learn how to navigate the futures market or improve their performance. We're building a community of both novices and experts to share their experiences with various trading strategies, indicators, and our different evaluation programs. We have channels in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic.
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Financial | Crypto
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