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Fastest growing Discord room and for a good reason - The ONLY Discord Room that alerts trades and actually teaches you to trade at the same time! We don't want you to just follow our alerts, we want to learn and teach you along the way ! What do we offer: - PROFITABLE Day Trading Alerts - PROFITABLE Investing/Swing Trade Alerts - DAILY Video Recaps - COMPLETE Trading Video Lessons - COMPLETE 24/7 Beginner Friendly Support ! We helped many of our members to understand how the stock market truly works, and to understand the meaning and reasoning behind our every single trade. Give us a chance for just a month and you will see a huge difference in your progress as a trader and you will get the trading knowlege that will last you a life time !
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💎Sick of wasting money on callout servers?💎 The North Star is aimed to be the first server to provide automated stock information and alerts.
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Join our group and chat with other traders about how to day trade. We also have a Daytrading course available which is fully supported in chat! Our focus is on day trading stocks, ETFs and options, but all forms of trading are welcome. We are here to provide a fun, professional and respectful environment for traders of all skill levels.
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Join while we are still FREE and take advantage of our FREE LIVE TRADING SESSIONS being hosted right here at the best server on discord, Team "LANBO MONEY"!!! (Starting at Market Open) We will see you there!!!
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We share investment and trading ideas. This is not financial or investment advice, but sharing of knowledge only.
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A new and growing server focused on day trading stocks. We don't short. We don't do options. But, we consistently WIN. Join our server today! Get a 1-week free trial for our VIP and we know you'll come back for more!
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The "Code to Trade" To Learn, To Succeed, To Help Others!
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-This server is for traders of ALL skill levels who want to learn and grow their portfolio like never before! You will have the opportunity to receive all of the different option/stock trades that I play everyday. -Looking for a group of individuals who want to work together to help and learn from each other. -Our goal is to help you learn the art of trading stocks/option as we will discuss strategies that will be used to boost your portfolios anywhere from 20-320%. There will be anywhere from 1-3 plays shared each day (depending on the week) that gives you so much opportunity to Break the Bank! -There will be NO advertising allowed, you will be kicked! -Join us on the road to financial freedom, making that money TOGETHER!
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Trader's Village is a free community for traders to come together to make money. We're focused on Stocks and Options, but we provide channels for Crypto and Forex as well. New traders are welcome!
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Sierra Traders is free discord for everyone who is interested in the Stock market, Cryptos, Forex, etc. We mainly focus on day-trades and swing trades but we provide multiple chat rooms.
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Welcome to V-Traders! We are just a bunch of serious and committed day traders and swing traders, some of which have decades experience trading the markets. We are all here to help and support each other! Trading can be a lonely game, so having a group of like-minded individuals can certainly make a difference.
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The single best aspect of 77trades in my opinion is the fact that we are comprised of likeminded individuals who all share the same passion for trading and financial gain. Everybody here is hungry, and if you made it here, congratulations on finding the best trading network out there.
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Stocks, stock trading, day trades, stock market, investing, cryptocurrency, options trading
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Chat with full time traders as we discuss 'technical trading strategies' and forecast different markets across the globe. Indicator and learning resources open for discussion.
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options trading, stock market, swing trading, day trading, penny stocks, alerts
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GENESIS Trading Investing Community is a 100% free stock market community for all traders and investors out there who would like a positive environment to learn, share ideas and opinions about the stock market.
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Are you ready to send the money to the moon? Then join here! Are you looking to make 100% gains on stock? Then check out our stock callouts! All our members last week made over 100% gains!! This is a great new server, newly set up by an analyst with over three years experience in trading and is now looking to help you. It is looking to build a community of traders to help and support each other. Join Today!!
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Free discord trading community designed to make you a better trader - not to just pump and dump stocks. We are a community of traders who want others to succeed and we will help you to become a better trader through technical analysis, level II and price action data, chart patterns, and much more.
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Daily/weekly stock picks! Trying to help the community out! Major returns on my stock picks!
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We focus on quality set up for the perfect swing trade to grow your trading account. Our mentors have years of experience and live their best through their success in the stock market. We just started this Discord to help grow our members account and lead them to financial freedom.
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Welcome to StockTimes, a community for all traders. ——— —————————————————— 100% FREE for a limited time 🚨 Live Day Trade Signals & Alerts 🚨 📈Live Options Trading 📚Educational and Strategic Learning📚 🗓Latest Stock Market News and upcoming earnings 📊In-Depth Technical analysis and charting Our signals have been 98% accurate so far, Join now and don’t miss out on upcoming trades. ⚡️
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Cash Cow Capital is a finance orientated discored server. It has professional analysts available for free for options trading, penny stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and even sports betting
-We have a 92% accuracy rate in January. -We have 13 experienced analysts and we are winning every day despite market conditions. -We provide swing, option, daytrade, long-term, and crypto alerts/analysis. -1 on 1 support. -Educational course and guidance to create your own stock trading plan. -Free Trial. Start trading and investing smart with us!
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We are a active, friendly and helpful trading community that provides real time alerts, educational, free tools, giveaways, fun entertainment and much more. We have traders at all skill levels and verified professionals. Our server is 100% FREE with no trials or nonsense. Join today!