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Trader's Village is a free community for traders to come together to make money. We're focused on Stocks and Options, but we provide channels for Crypto and Forex as well. New traders are welcome!
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Sierra Traders is free discord for everyone who is interested in the Stock market, Cryptos, Forex, etc. We mainly focus on day-trades and swing trades but we provide multiple chat rooms.
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Investing | Financial
GENESIS Trading Investing Community is a 100% free stock market community for all traders and investors out there who would like a positive environment to learn, share ideas and opinions about the stock market.
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Free discord trading community designed to make you a better trader - not to just pump and dump stocks. We are a community of traders who want others to succeed and we will help you to become a better trader through technical analysis, level II and price action data, chart patterns, and much more.
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We focus on quality set up for the perfect swing trade to grow your trading account. Our mentors have years of experience and live their best through their success in the stock market. We just started this Discord to help grow our members account and lead them to financial freedom.
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