Gaming | YouTuber
Welcome to a EU fortnite Customs, Zone wars and many other competitive creative game modes discord channel to play against pros beginners or just some causal fortnite!
Gaming | Streaming
I am a twitch streamer who decided to make a discord server for my awesome community! I'm doing my best to grow it and make it very active.
Gaming | eSports
This server is for many fun things! We hold fortnite custom games such as scrims, fashion shows, Simon Says, and much more! You could also interact with all the people in the server! This server is run by the YouTuber And Streamer Zanity! You could check him out in the social tab! Have fun And Enjoy Your Stay!
Gaming | eSports
Welcome to | Pro Custom Scrims |! In this server we host Custom games and scrims! We hope to see this server grow and we are trying to create a community! If you like custom games, make sure to join!
Gaming | eSports
Fortnite Scrim Server
Gaming | Growth
Gaming community 100s of Fortnite, Apex, and Call Of Duty players Fortnite scrims, customs and creative lobbies Recruiting active content creators! Awesome economy with casino/games
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Gaming | Social
FNS Scrims is an amazing server to hang out in and play Fortnite Scrims. FNS Scrims also has an active and amazing community! In FNS Scrims you can find: - Rythm Music Bot - Yunite Verification System - LFG and Chatting Channels - Active & Helpful Staff - Friendly Community
eSports | Gaming
We host custom matches, scrims, creative games and more. The best of the best players can play these. As long as you follow the rules, you're fine