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entre e participa conosco para o free fire um jogo de fps que esta dominando o mundo
Gaming | Community
This server is the portal of TeamFearless Rust Service
Role-Playing | Gaming
De minecraft server waar de wereld in diepe problemen is, na een kernramp is er een "ongeluk" gebeurd in een laboratorium waarbij een stof mensen heeft beïnvloed en geïnfecteerd met ernstige kannibalistische verschijnselen, Help de wereld redden! (Lees meer)
Gaming | Community
PVP/RP focused, with a boosted loot economy. Mods, full vehicles, increased weapons spawns, and 100 helicopters across the map.
Furry | Entertainment
If ur bored then join lmfao. WELCOME TO .45 GLOC We are a community designed to provide help for users suffering from the following: depression, boredom, racing thoughts, stress, anxiety, lower back pain, migraines, and other familiar illnesses! Ig you can call it a “one server to rule them all” type community UWU. Gaming, chatting, music, partying, drug use, art, gambling, crime, furry shit, and anime shit is all welcome!!!!
Gaming | Community
A cult, nation, and tribe. Join now.
Role-Playing | Language
Dusty Roads is a roleplay server focused in the Wild West period of time, in this server, it is the last days of the Wild West as the Industrial Revolution slowly approaches the dusty lands in western America, but many problems still plague the land, problems that have existed since the very beginning, and now...are you here to make those problems worse? or are you here to enforce what you call justice...I will never know...but you will decide for yourself in the wild land that is about to be tamed by the industrialism and government control. (The Roleplay is based off of Red Dead Redemption, but is not entirely the same.)
Military | Role-Playing
The Apex Operations Force or AOF is an elite operations force with multiple divisions. We strive to be our best through a series of physical training, combat drills, and mental puzzles. If you're looking for a Roblox Military, Join the AOF Today! These include: Office of Research and Intelligence High Command Army Navy Air
Sports | Social
We're a small community dedicated to discussing firearms, shooting sport, gun laws, and other related topics in the USA from a centralist to liberal point of view. We welcome people of all ages, race, creed, orientation, nationalities, and beliefs.
Gaming | Role-Playing
A server for the members and recruits of the 2nd Battalion Rifles Milsim (Group) on rdr2! Join today and be part of our long running team!
Role-Playing | Anime
Roleplay Guns Anime Neko Kitsune High school Rp
Social | Community
Welcome to Tactical University! We're your one stop shop for all things Guns,rifles,knives,medical, training and more! Join us and lets talk!
Entertainment | Hobbies
Please god tell me why I was born into this world fuckmmmmmm
Community | Military
A discord community that aims to provide a positive, constructive, and welcoming discussion hub for firearms and firearms related subjects.
Anime | Hobbies
Fast cars, Guns, Anime. What isnt there to like?
Community | Role-Playing
Fast food,Mafia,Printers,Black market,Gambling,Ranks,Guns,Drugs/weed,We have it all~!
Anime | Gaming
Nightfall Clan is a neon-gothic themed Roblox based community established in 2010 that has a community side (game nights, anime nights etc) as well as a competitive side (A part of the sword and gun clan world in Roblox).
Sports | Hobbies
Friendly gun hunting and outdoor server with animal care thrown in! Feel free to join!
Community | Hobbies
This server is just a social server for anyone to join. You have access to general then you can react for the other chat specific roles that you want!