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entre e participa conosco para o free fire um jogo de fps que esta dominando o mundo
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This server is the portal of TeamFearless Rust Service
Gaming | eSports
This is an server that hosts 100 player tournaments for practice for other fortnite tournaments, and can rank up to be considered an pro!! We are still growing so if you could invite some of your friends that might want to play in these tournaments, invite them!!! Thanks- WestHub Staff
Gaming | Community
A cult, nation, and tribe. Join now.
Sports | Social
We're a small community dedicated to discussing firearms, shooting sport, gun laws, and other related topics in the USA from a centralist to liberal point of view. We welcome people of all ages, race, creed, orientation, nationalities, and beliefs.
Role-Playing | Anime
Roleplay Guns Anime Neko Kitsune High school Rp
Social | Community
Welcome to Tactical University! We're your one stop shop for all things Guns,rifles,knives,medical, training and more! Join us and lets talk!
Community | Military
A discord community that aims to provide a positive, constructive, and welcoming discussion hub for firearms and firearms related subjects.
Community | Role-Playing
Fast food,Mafia,Printers,Black market,Gambling,Ranks,Guns,Drugs/weed,We have it all~!
Anime | Gaming
Nightfall Clan is a neon-gothic themed Roblox based community established in 2010 that has a community side (game nights, anime nights etc) as well as a competitive side (A part of the sword and gun clan world in Roblox).
Community | Mature
Hey, if you like guns, and are 14+ join this server! Servers is pretty new so we are looking for staff at the moment, the server is setup pretty well and new members will always feel welcomed! Make sure to show off your guns. Since nitro is pretty popular we are giving it out. Thanks for reading hope you decide to join, God Bless.
Community | Military
Welcome to ♈️ Sons of Mars ♈️ We are a server dedicated to young men who are interested in innawoods, AnCap, and Military topics. ♈️ Our channels are in Latin ♈️ Military and AnCap themed emotes ♈️A server dedicated to gun culture and pro 2A ♈️A games bot featuring Russian roulette, minesweeper and more! Come join the 🦀 gang gang and redacted down.
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New Social server for Gaming Guns and Cars waiting for Cyberpunk to drop. Official discord of Royc3
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A gamer server for Valorant players! You can do the following here: - Find games - Make friends or find a mentor - Rise the ranks!
Social | Mature
The Proaclin party aims to bring everyone on both sides of the isle together under one banner. we focus on policy discussion. threats to America. bridging the gap that most people feel between the country. and countering the narrative that we are so divided that we cant come together in a healthy debate and discussion format. we have weekly debates about a topic and as we grow we will take stances on certain topics
Anime | Hobbies
Fast cars, Guns, Anime. What isnt there to like?
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Latest airsoft news and guides.