We are a cyber community, we have multiple channels/chats such as Anime,Memes,Trashtalk etc.
Lets bring, the old and new Roleplay together. Let’s be one! NGRP will help do that for all. Join now to be amazed!
Deutscher Clash Royale und Brawl Stars Clan
O servidor Creeper Gang é focado em Minecraft
Be chill and you won't get bashed too much
Discord server for the Hash Gang community.
Come join us for a realistic and unique Unturned roleplay experience! Be a sheriff, or be a criminal. You can run for government or turn a business into a monopoly! How will you shape the small island of Altis? Come and see for yourself!
Server for basic memes, CS:GO and whatnot. We speak finnish and english here. Join and come mess around n shit. Read the rules, thanks. Have a good time.
We are the new and best discord server. Whether you are a gamer or just looking to chill. We are the server for you. Join now to be apart of the best community out there!
240+ discord server, do regular giveaways for games
We're basically a very friendly community server that touches on all sorts of groups.
New York City is a roleplay server based and set in the universe of the 1979 cult classic film, The Warriors. Users join and create gangs, live their lives in the harsh streets of New York, while slowly gaining power and rep among the other gangs. Make your mark, become the king of New York.
A gang of people who love Jojo and want to join Passione.
🥀This discord server is mostly used for the VRChat gang🥀 Toxic stuff, Assets, Get in here
THE ONLY SERVER TO SAVE YOU FROM CORONA The best server obviously! Not only we have the nicest, coolest people on planet earth, but we also have snacks. So come join the Star Squad today!
This is my interview server for my main gta 5 ps4 roleplay server.
Greetings, honored Discord user(s)! You have just received a GREAT honor: an official invite to The Awesomeness Gang! This server is ONLY for Awesome People! Join today and come hang out and meet with other awesome people like yourself! Don't delay! Come join our gang of awesomeness today!