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Gaming | Community
The official community Discord server for the in-development Portal fangame: Portal: Absolute Zero. Here you'll find updates, places to discuss the project, where to apply to join the team, and even just chat with other fans.
UndeRyan: The Official Server Icon
Gaming | Programming
Hi. Welcome to the UndeRyan Official Server. What's UndeRyan, you ask? Well, it's an AU/fan-game that adds a new kingdom or whatever. This is in early development, which is why you'll see things change dramatically or whatever, I'm a forgetful little egg. Also, you won't see much of it, since the fan-game isn't even finished yet, nor did it even pass a playable stage of development. Anyway, so if you're interested on how this goes, then join this little server. But, until then, peace out.
The Sprite Hub Icon
Art | Gaming | Entertainment
The official discord of an upcoming Pokemon ROM hack by Aspiring Poketrainer. Come and enjoy yourself among a creative community.