Community | YouTuber
A server were we can hangout and support each other, and discover whats new! Lets take this journey together!
Entertainment | Art
Welcome to We Are ImproVR! We are a community of amateur improv comedians who's only missions are to put a long-lasting smile on the face of as many people as possible! We play games, do art challenges, Altspace events and more! Have a lovely time!
Gaming | Community
Serveur Discord de la communauté virtuel BananAppeal Gaming, association à but non lucratif.
YouTuber | Gaming
El servidor de Discord de la Loskis Family, dónde podrás pasar un buen rato y charlar con [email protected]!
Gaming | YouTuber
Servidor para jogadores,youtubers,stremers etc... Divirta-se Servidor Do canal DarkBRz Twitter bem-vindo
Community | YouTuber
Serveur Discord officiel de Yotman.
Gaming | YouTuber
GamingLP Why should you join us? We offer a server that is dedicated to gaming and wants to spread our discord server around multiple games so we can provide multiple people with a place to chill and find others to game with :) What we offer friendly people Meet new people and make new friends! Find people to game with! Explore and discover new games
YouTuber | Community
Small server looking for members. We have no server boost sadly. The server is inactive because we have no members. Also its a server where you can advertise your videos.
Gaming | Entertainment
The official Discord server for the Sir Henry YouTube Channel. This YouTube channel is mostly focused on Minecraft Content, more specifically 2b2t history videos.
YouTuber | Business
Tired of YouTube? Project Blank is a video sharing site startup that focuses on the community and community oriented features. In this server, you can join the discussion on anything youtube and videos, share memes, and even join our team if you wanna be apart of something amazing and big. And most importantly: have fun :)
Gaming | Streaming
Server For streamers.
YouTuber | Gaming
Just a play to Chill, Advertise and Shit!! P.S This server is new and we need people to grow and get even better!
Meme | Social
funny webms post em we got good emojis do what you want talk about what you want
YouTuber | Anime
Welcome to AnimeGO! We made AMV and have a little Community on YouTube!
Music | Social
TikTokers Unite is a place for TikTokers to come together, chat, collab, post their videos and share usernames. Never used TikTok? That's okay, come hang and maybe we'll convince you to join the app! :) We welcome everyone! *Note: Some content may be 18+ We look forward to having you!
Community | Gaming
This is the Discord server created by RealVengefulPaul, the leader of the Super Vengeful Army. This Discord server has everything. From the general chat to asmr, from roleplaying to art, and even from talking about games to self-advertisement, and so on and so forth, everything that comes to mind is there. Wanna be notified and on the know about streams being live and videos being posted? Then this server can do so, as everything works in real time. There's even a NSFW section for the ultimately daring, however keep in mind that the section is reserved for people 18 and over. With all that out of the way, this server is open to the public. However... Do remember to follow the rules. Door's open for you. Join the Super Vengeful Army today!
Community | Gaming
Der Server ist für die Community und Freunde von SyalFett
Gaming | Meme
Heavily comfy hub in the middle of the desert, where people can hang out, talk to each other and play video games.
YouTuber | Community
YouTube Squad is a server dedicated to improving content creators and making new friends along the way.
Art | Gaming | Entertainment
The official discord of an upcoming Pokemon ROM hack by Aspiring Poketrainer. Come and enjoy yourself among a creative community.
Entertainment | Community
A Discord Channel to keep up with my active YouTube Activities, feel free to join for video updates or find some content you may enjoy!
Gaming | YouTuber
Dental Surgeon | Gamer | Ex-Moderator @vainglory Discord | Ex-CMO @EZL_Official | Ex-Staff @VGPROgg | Leader @royalrosesvg Global Guild | Owner @MagnificGaming
Art | Hobbies
𝗪𝗘 𝗕𝗘𝗟𝗜𝗘𝗩𝗘 𝗜𝗡: 🎤Giving a voice to the voiceless through the power of film-making. 👑Providing everyone with the opportunity to succeed. 🎭Creating knowledge and change through the medium of entertainment. 🧠Providing equal access to education through free mentorship. 🌍And way more!
Community | YouTuber
Youtube Nation is a place were creators can discuss video ideas and exchange feedback. We try to help everyone grow their channel while making friends.
Streaming | Entertainment
El mejor lugar para ver y descargar Películas y Series de Netflix, ABC, HBO, Disney, TV, animadas, antigüas, Adult Swim, y muchas más totalmente gratis. En español castellano, latino y subtituladas alojadas en varios servidores.
Gaming | Art
Entertainment | Streaming
A server for entertainment
Streaming | YouTuber
Come and relax on my community server maybe even watch a stream or the stream recording. Even if you don't want to watch a stream come and relax with the nice people in my community and just let it all wash away!
Community | Social
Promote your youtube
Anime | Meme
-----------------{Lofi Seal}------------------ Welcome to the Lofi Seal server! This is a small server based on anime for hanging out and having fun with friends and other members, and featuring: -Fun Bots -Self Promoting Channel -A Very Friendly Community -Custom Roles With Colors -Waifu Bots -Daily Questions -Weeb Chat -Gaming -Custom emojis -Anime Pictures And more! So come on hop on and have some fun!
Gaming | YouTuber
Discord server for Roblox! Including Roblox Trading, Discussion, Help, Videos, and more!
YouTuber | Community
-Don't forget to check out my youtube channel -Snaksters -Don't abuse swear words be nice to other people! -Have fun.
Entertainment | YouTuber
R100 Production - Émissions, Reportages & Documentaires Venez discutez avec nous !
Gaming | Meme
The Dawg Shelter is a brand new server made by the legendary kromit. We are friendly people. Fellow dawgs may join and engage in the social interaction.
Art | Music
A community to share things you make, or to look at what others make. Can be programs, drawings, photographs, or just anything else that you can make. Or just chat, that's fine too.
A server full of quiet people. It has only one channel that is actually alive, it's the meme chat. There is also nsfw meme chat but that is not what the server is focused on and rather would avoid nsfw content. The server has rules and everyone has to accept them to get access to the channels. Otherwise the server is focused on my YouTube channel and Twitch channel if not memes. Contact the owner for more information.
Music | Community
￶┏╋━━━◥◣◆◢◤━━━━╋┓ IN STREET WE TRUST ┗╋━━━◥◣◆◢◤━━━━╋┛ In Street We Trust est un nouveau serveur communautaire Fr sur le thème de la culture Hip-Hop et Urban Culture, un projet incroyable autour notre passion pour la musique et la culture urbaine ! ▫️ Retrouvez toute l'actualité Rap U.S, Rap Fr, R&B et plus encore ! ▫️ Toutes les sorties albums, singles, Ep's et mixtapes ! ▫️ Tous les nouveaux clips de vos artistes en temps réel ! ▫️ Artistes ou Beatmakers venez proposer vos projets, nous montrer votre talent et échangez, partagez avec d'autres amoureux de Hip-Hop sur un serveur moderne et complet ! ▫️ La possibilité d'écouter vos musiques et radios préférées avec des bots musiques en qualité HD ! ▫️ Une activité riche au sein du serveur avec des interactions avec des bots de jeux ! ▫️ La Street Culture représentée avec des salons Street Art, GFX, Sports, Entertainement, Sneakers, etc...
Community | Entertainment
Touhou Fanclub for one and all! Come on in and chat it up!
YouTuber | Entertainment
The Camelot Alliance is a YouTube advertising and Alliance Server aiming towards growing your YouTube channel.
Gaming | Anime
Join this server to have a good time, meet new friends, and make the most out of your free time. Especially if you love anime, and watch video games.
Business | Community
Sharoont is an in-development video sharing platform.
Music | Social
Seriously tho... why's it so hard to find a server for people who *aren't* weebs, memers and furries? We don't know either, but we got you covered.
Community | Social
We like to socialize and make new friends! Also we have some Youtubers and TikTokers so if u want to meet them join our server ;)
Entertainment | Gaming
Hey there, my name is Shethzor but most people call me Zor. I'm a variety streamer which means that you can expect lots of games 👾 This server is for my community and who knows maybe you wanna give it a shot and join us. In the server we talk, play, watch videos and sometimes even sing together... I actually don't know how the last part happened. In the end, it is up to you 💜 Wanna know more ? Visit !