Phantom eSports Official Server Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
A fun and active community of gamers, streamers, and content creators. Many of our content creator are active everyday in our server, including our founders. Come join our server!
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Phantom eSports Official Server Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
A fun and active community of gamers, streamers, and content creators. Many of our content creator are active everyday in our server, including our founders. Come join our server!
Phantom eSports Official Server Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
A fun and active community of gamers, streamers, and content creators. Many of our content creator are active everyday in our server, including our founders. Come join our server!
The HRP Community Icon
YouTuber | Meme
This server is the official chatroom for the HRP YouTube channel. We discuss all sorts of things here.
Creator’s Eden Icon
Gaming | Community
The place where content creators, yugitubers, youtubers, and artists are free to express themselves in many ways responsibly and with out constraints.
We Are ImproVR Icon
Entertainment | Art
Welcome to We Are ImproVR! We are a community of amateur improv comedians who's only missions are to put a long-lasting smile on the face of as many people as possible! We play games, do art challenges, Altspace events and more! Have a lovely time!
The House Of Valiants Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
A server of Gaming, Creativity and Passion. A great place to build a community and have a place to interact with said community!
Ruben Branco Icon
Community | YouTuber
Olá lindos
💡Servidor do Mundo de Ideias💡 Icon
Community | YouTuber
Server oficial do canal Mundo de ideias. entre para se divertir ou criar teorias da conspiração, só não deixe o governo descobrir.
𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙗𝙡𝙚𝙢𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙘 𝙬𝙝𝙤𝙧𝙚𝙨 Icon
🏆Chinoko_Chat🏆 Icon
Meme | Gaming
You chat with me and everyone who is on the server.and you share memes and photos too.
BenzsonTV Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
Unser Community Discord
AricChief's Lab Icon
Gaming | Community
AricChief's Lab is where you can MEET new people, TALK to AricChief, JOIN events, IMPORT Memes, LISTEN to Music, and GET Updates!!
Bean Bag Boi's Palace Icon
Social | Gaming
Bean Bag Boi's Palace is where u can MEET new people, GO Shopping, CREATE Fan Art, JOIN Events, LISTEN to Music and SO MUCH MORE!!
Comedy Podcasts Hub Icon
Community | Entertainment
A small, growing umbrella server for podcasts of comedians including Joe Rogan, Theo Von, Tom Segure and more. Lively discussion threads, RSS video feeds for pods and a whole lot more!
The Epic Radio Show Icon
Entertainment | Music
The official The Epic Radio Show Discord Server! There are many rooms to engage in deep discussions or word flings. Your choice! You can chat with us, win stuff, and just be weird during our live shows every Sunday at 10:30 A.M. EST on Facebook, YouTube, or twitter.
BadBunny - Comedy RP Icon
Gaming | Role-Playing
This is a community server for the SFRP GTA 5 (comedy) RP server. If you don't laugh while you're here, well we're sorry. Except we're actually not.
The Firepit Podcast Icon
Entertainment | Hobbies
Discord Server to chat about the FIREPIT Podcast! A Podcast about movies. Join Dan, Tom, and Josh in the fireside chat about movies, or whatever you're feeling... okay that was a bit too broad. Whatever, we'll figure it out... I think.
Flohrael's Dungeon Icon
Entertainment | Gaming
A chill server that welcomes anyone to talk about whatever they want with whoever they want! There are a wide selection of channels and games you can participate in, so the entertainment never stops!
Brucesnoop + SnoopCast Discord Icon
YouTuber | Entertainment
Server owned by YouTuber Brucesnoop. Join for some fun discussions on media and politics, and anything else we come across.
Chorb Official Icon
Gaming | Social
Welcome To Chorb. Chorb is a Roblox exploit where it will help you on any Roblox Exploiting you wanna do. We make new friens and discuss , help you with programming. Exploiting is of course not the only thing you can do here. -Talk, meet new poeple -Use fun bot commands -Discuss about programming -Help YOU with programming Etc, Etc, Etc you get the point. Join now! Theres no way you could regret joining. Twitter: @thatchrisie
League of Extraordinary Dicemen Icon
Role-Playing | Entertainment
The League of Extraordinary Dicemen is a real play 5e D&D show and an AlterNerd Reality original podcast. Join as our "heroes" stumble their way through their amazing and perilous adventures in Annalon, all while trying not to die! This show is an AlterNerd Reality original series
DeBoiten Icon
Streaming | Mature
Het oh zo heerlijke Kanaal van De Boiten. Je beste kameraden in die beroemde virtuele wereld.
NonPro Icon
Entertainment | Community
From gaming, comics, and movie reviews, to original comedy, music, and genre fiction, NonPro is Geek Chic done right!
The S.S. Soupy Icon
YouTuber | Community
Welcome aboard The S.S. Soupy! I’m your Soup-erb Captain, Maridash. From me and all of the crew, we wish you a fun and enjoyable stay here! Our ship is the perfect place to make new friends and chat over a nice, hot bowl of your favorite soup. While you're on board, we can provide you with many amenities. - Self-Assignable Roles - Venting/Support - Anime/Gaming Chat - Musical Theater Chat - Karaoke - and much more! But...why soup of all things? Why are we so obsessed with soup? Well, why not? The crew and I hope that you'll consider riding on The S.S. Soupy soon! We promise: it'll be a soup-er fun experience.
The Ultra-Friendly Friends Club Icon
YouTuber | Mature
The Ultra-Friendly Frens Club is a wholesome yet awesome server where a certain wholesome individual gathers his true supporters in true harmony and peace.
Sempai's Magic Club Icon
Anime | Community
The Discord server for the unofficial Magical Sempai Wiki!
ReviewTechUSA Icon
Gaming | Technology
This is ReviewTechUSA. Tackling gaming news, tech reviews, and sometimes random discussion just for fun.
IGY6's Chill Spot Icon
Streaming | Community
IGY6's Chill Spot! Who is IGY6? US Army Veteran! Father to a daughter! Husband to a wife! SLIVER TV Streamer! Come and laugh with me. Cry with me. Make pancakes with me. We will have a good time. The server is for anyone who wants to discover some new and interesting people!
Wallop Official Discord Icon
Gaming | YouTuber
Youtube gaming discord server
Unfunny | Community Discord Icon
Community | Entertainment
looking for a serious community which takes itself very seriously? well, too bad because we aren't that! unfunny is a thing that does animated comedy sketches and humor comics as well as animated stand-up specials. we are also a community which basically goofs off every time the opportunity arises (we are very rowdy children). if you are interested in either, you should probably join our discord server because it's cool-
Bo Burnham Fanclub Icon
Community | Meme
I made a bo burnham server so you don't have to.
Cryptopedia Icon
Community | Entertainment
A discord server for the cryptopedia podcast:
Chill Lounge Icon
Gaming | Meme
Welcome to CHILL Lounge! Hangout And CHILL! Have fun in this Comedy server!
Community Chat Icon
Gaming | Community
Community of gamers/memers
Zachoord Icon
Streaming | YouTuber
Discord server for my Twitch and YouTube channel! 🌟YouTube: 🌟Twitch:
Biscuit's Romp Room Icon
Community | Social
Don't let the name fool you. Hard work is always recognized.
Meme | Entertainment
There are great memes, and a welcoming staff.
Pop Culturers Icon
Entertainment | Social
Movie/Entertainment club
Conversation Hat Podcast Icon
Community | Entertainment
Comedy podcast for geeks, artists and terrible people: the Conversation Hat Podcast is a bizzarre and tangential show.
Gaming | Growth
A server for the community, you can request a custom role!!
The Troll Patrol LIVE! Icon
Political | Streaming
Uncensored and Unfiltered Political Talk and Debate from a leftist perspective. Chat, Discord or Call in live. Part Radio Show. Part News Magazine. Always a Pain in the Ass.
Darktouch Discord Icon
Entertainment | Gaming
Hey there! We re a group of 50+ people mostly playing Payday, but also a variety of other games. If you feel like looking for a gamer buddy or two, this is the place to go! See you :)
Etheraels Discord Icon
Gaming | Streaming
A public YouTube discord that focuses on spreading positivity and friendliness.
Sir Swizzle Community Icon
Meme | YouTuber
Discord server for the YouTuber and TikToker Sir Swizzle. We offer memes and other forms of entertainment.
The Coconut Shack Icon
Community | Gaming
We chill out and relax with some fun
Lounge 11 Icon
Entertainment | Gaming
we are a community that enjoys to laugh and support each other, with people from many different countries
Cy's Server Icon
Streaming | YouTuber
A server dedicated to the content of Cyanideee but also a great place to promote your own stuff and even make new friends!
VRChat Improv Icon
Entertainment | Streaming
The home of VRChat Improv. We host weekly improv workshops and live shows and events. Come join us if you're a fan or if you'd like to participate!
the realm of shadow demons Icon
Gaming | Meme
I wanted to make more friends so I made this. I want to have fun and talk to new people. :)
Gaming | Community
Herzlich willkommen zu der letztrn Hirnzelle auf Youtube Deutschland! Du verstehst spass und magst Comedy? Na dann ich bin euer host Tyler Bridges und möchte dich zum lachen bringen! Also join doch gerne und wir machen die welt etwas lustiger.
Epic Memes Only Icon
Meme | Entertainment
Welcome to our server!! Here you will find some amazing stuff to do! You will get two amazing reaction role! 1st is Memer who upload memes in our server and 2nd is Watcher who sees the memes! There is the mist amazing memes!! Join and if you don't like you are free to leave! Thank you!
Maui 🧉🥂 Icon
Anime | Art
We keep it lit in this server... If you want it to keep it that way, make sure you join it and invite your friends... Invite your mom, dad, dog, cat, goldfish, pokemon, digimon, dragon, ion give a fuck!
stank fanclub 3.0 Icon
Anime | Meme
If you aren’t funny you will be instantly kicked be careful of user marts_0#3608 he is a very funny man
Full Dork Gaming and Comedy Icon
Gaming | Community
A community dedicated to DORKs that love to game and laugh together. Mostly Among Us and Codenames, but open to new games too.
Cryofrost Icon
Anime | Gaming
◈ | Welcome to Cryofrost |◈ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▼Gaming and Anime▼ focused community with friendly members, events, emotes, and more! everyone is welcome! •឵ ══ •឵ ══ • ══ •឵ ══ • ══ •឵ ══ • ══ •឵ ══ • ══ • About us, | | Level 1 Server Boosted! | | Chill theme! | | Friendly and Chill Community! | | Leveling Roles! | | Fun, Comedic, and Growing community! | | Events, Occasional Giveaways, and Movie nights! | | Fun Bots! | | Self Roles! | | Many different kinds of emojis of your choice! | | And much more! •឵ ══ •឵ ══ • ══ •឵ ══ • ══ •឵ ══ • ══ •឵ ══ • ══ •
Cheeseburger Icon
Gaming | Community
Just a Cheeseburger guys pls join we tryna get like 1k members within the first 2 months
Paddi001 Icon
Community | Gaming
Discord Community Server, Community, Discord, gaming, Comedy, streamer, twitch, padd001, nett, lustig, support, deutsch,
Another One Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
New server about Gaming and Casual stuff Welcome to the server! we hope that you enjoy your stay! Here you can find: - Plenty of giveaways - Fun events - Super active chats - A leveling system with unlockable perks - Many different bots - Even more to explore! Our vigilant staff team ensures all members of the server abide by our rules, but if you find anyone that slips past the filter make sure to report them! Please read the rules here: #🚦server-rules
The Sunset Room Icon
Gaming | Art
The official Discord server of The Sunset Group, a group of collaborators that stream game and art as well as create awesome content. The server has a heavy focus on video games and gaming, but also includes discussion on pop culture and more. Members of the server can choose to be alerted when Sunset Group members go live on Twitch. Server membership also gives you easy access to Friday Anime Nights, Sunset Radio events, community game sessions (Among Us, Tabletop Simulator, Jackbox games, and more). The Sunset Room is an LGBTQ+ friendly environment and includes members from several different continents. Anyone with a passion for games, art, or funny content will feel right at home in our growing community.
Mr. Banter's Mental Asylum Icon
Community | YouTuber
The New BradDoesBanter Discord server. Don't be toxic, you can be edgy and make edgy jokes. we aren't snowflakes. But this server is a more calmer less toxic version of the main BradDoesBanter Server. THE RULES: We do have a few mods, and they do enforce a couple of rules that are there primarily to stop this from being a free for all weirdo server, and so that we follow discord's ToS. The main one's are as follows: Don't post gore. Don't post NSFW. Don't promote other discord servers; the bot will end up banning you automatically if you spam a link. Don't use the server to Dox anyone. Don't be overly racist to try and be funny. you'll get banned. you can make edgy and taboo jokes. (Comedy is subjective, we know. But we have to follow the discord Terms Of Service. If the mods have to question your joke then it's probably a bit too far and will be a kick/warning. after a couple times it will be a ban.