Active community with nearly 70,000 members for anyone looking to make friends and hang out! We host regular events, podcasts and giveaways!
Active community with nearly 70,000 members for anyone looking to make friends and hang out! We host regular events, podcasts and giveaways!
Active community with nearly 70,000 members for anyone looking to make friends and hang out! We host regular events, podcasts and giveaways!
☕ Serving coffee and conversation 24/7 since 2016! We're a closely bonded community with exclusive features and a safe space to hang out. Join us today! Here at 95 Degrees, our main focus is to have a friendly yet fun community of users from around the world. We're a fun, casual, closely bonded and interactive community. We have a monthly podcast, a completely custom coded radio bot, a friendly moderation team and so much more. We play games, watch movies and have fun! So hit that Join Server button today and say hi!
A tabletop role playing community. We produce several podcasts, monthly interactive tabletop games to raise money for Extra-Life, and we are also the home of DralaCon, a table top gaming convention being held July 12-14th in Fort Wayne, IN. Join today!
Safe LGBT and trans community. Custom bot; caring staff; spam and raid prevention. We release educational podcasts on trans and LGBT matters. Come join us to talk about whatever comes to mind or to seek out a supportive community.
We are a Studio in almost every sense of the Word With an added Ninja twist. We're creative minds who love Podcasts, Video games and Film. Artistic nerds who want to express themselves, meet new people and create entertainment. MN stands for Master Ninjas and the idea is to bring Content creators and Artistic minds of all kinds together (and Fans of course) within the Studio. I'm also a Writer and have countless stories and novels, most of my personal branding is based on People and places within my stories.
It's just a place to be.
Home for the Ravager Report podcast
The official Girls on Games server, a welcoming community for all types of gamers.
The Escape Pod...Cast We talk all things SWGOH. Two radio hosts from opposite ends of the world converge to bring you the premiere pod cast about the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.
Borphius is a server made for anyone who uses discord. Some may join to game, some may join to spam some memes, some may join just to have a chat. No matter what reason is behind your decision to join, we welcome you and your friends. We offer voice and text channels for all different users. There are channels for gamers, for singers, even for podcasters. We want everyone to have a chill server to hangout in and interact with the community.
A community of Gamers 🎮. We want to share our passion for gaming with anyone and everyone. Podcast: #OffsetRadio consider joining the ▶️#discord◀️ #WeAreTOC
Manga Machinations podcast community discord server! Come join to get the latest news on episodes and talk with the hosts about manga, anime, video games, or whatever else you'd like.
The Raddest Community on the internet....Well at least it will be once you accept my invite!
Somos una comunidad que ha nacido para crecer con el mundo audiovisual: ¡Videojuegos, cine, series, anime, y mucho más!
MYTHIC LEGENDARIES! Is a Podcast about Magic The Gathering and Hearthstone! Hosted by two old friends that love podcasts and the games they play. Join our discord community for quick access to all of our show notes, tips, tricks, and chat about all the things your passionate about!
Podcasting, youtubers, video editors, musicians, writers, all kinds of art and talent is appreciated here. 18 and up no exceptions.
Engage and grow your community with amazing live shows on Facebook and Twitch.
Black desert online mena sunucusuna ait community (topluluk) discord sunucusudur. Haftalık Podcast ve oyun içi tartışmaları buradan yapabilirsiniz.
This is the official discord server for the AlterNerdReality Network!
a podcast run by 4 retards. all members Are 16+ and all around NSFW channels and TW for suicide, vulgar humor, etc
Community of Writers, Voice Actors, Sound Designers, and other creatives sharing their passion for Audio Dramas and various other types of Podcast Fiction.
The Anonymous Bites Back public server is open to all and you can post your requests or ideas for our show in here. We want to offer a chance for everyone to come on air with us, uncensored and with respect to the truth.
The official server for High Noon Podcast, THE competitive Overwatch Podcast!
Doom Devil's is a community-based server for all sorts of things. Any kind of person is welcomed here though the main focus of the server is the Doom Devil's brand.
Seeking Enlightenment through Games, Film, and Other Geek Culture. We are a community of open minded people who write, create art, build worlds, discuss a wide variety of topics, and mostly just enjoy ourselves. This is a direct hub to and TheForeverClassicPodcast as well!
Threat X3 Productions is a group of nerds from all around the US who love all things video games, movies, and N3RD culture. Join our discord to connect with fellow N3RDS, discuss gaming and movies, and discover our podcast shows! Check us out on our website below. Can be found on Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and many other places. Apex Legends HUBcast - N3RD RADIO - The Lost Logs of Ward 13 -
A good server for talking, music, gaming, and recording a podcast.
Welcome to Underhaven! Diving into the degenerate backwash of the internet, news, and entertainment!
De discord server van het Nederlandse Youtube kanaal Van Alles En Onzin! Vind hier eigenlijk helemaal niks behalve een hoop gezelligheid en geouweHOER!!!
The home of the Little Legends Podcast
Please read the #welcome for server rules! PUGs happen the last friday of the month with listeners!
War. War never changes.... so we Clash smash-n-dash style! 🍺 If you're a CFF member who just wants to relax & hit stuff, join us! Part of The Clash Files Podcast Family. 🛸
Hey guys! I just made a new discord server since I reached affiliate. If you want to reach that as well come check us out! We've created a whole community on here where we all help each other and stream together. Mostly everyone on this server is close to affiliate. If you want to support Twitch Streamers and get supported by streamers. Come here! If you guys want support as a smaller creator, come on in an make some friends. We love meeting new people and seeing what others are interested in. It's a judgement free zone. No matter who you are, you're welcome to join us! We're also trying to get together a podcast so If you want to join just let us know! See you all, in the Masked Society!
Very social teaching clan for adults in Clash of Clans. 🍍 TH4-TH9 ONLY. Part of The Clash Files Podcast Family. Apply to join in our family's Discord-Partnered server: 🛸