Der Disord Server FiXNiX ist ein Community Server. Suchst du einen Server bei dem Zocken und gemeinsamkeit ganz oben stehen? Dann bist du Genau hier richtig! Alle sind hier Willkommen und werden geschätzt!🤗🥰 🔒🔞Der Server ist ausschließlich zum Spaß hier und keine Dating oder NSFW Plattform!✋⛔ Auf unserem Server ist Schwarzer Humor eigentlich Tradition... Als Warnung!💢⚡ ⚡⚡⚡ Zurzeit sind wir noch im Aufbau. Wenn du lust hast dann komm und belebe ihn ⚡⚡⚡ ︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿ ⬛️ Tritt uns jetzt bei! ⬛️ Giveaways ⬛️ Ein freundlicher Server zum Zocken! ⬛️ Level System ! ⬛️ Spielpartner Suche ⬛️ Memes ⬛️ Musik Chat ⬛️ Musik Bot 24/7 auf Wunsch wird Sender laufend geändert (Standard Sender: Hardstyle) ⬛️ Custom Games mit bis zu 100 Spielern. ⬛️ Gaming, Anime und sonstiges ⬛️ Eine Sympathische Community ⬛️ Benachrichtigungen bei den Neusten Videos von StIIvII ▶UND VIEL MEHR◀ ︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿
Welcome to the Dr. Ron of the Podcasting. (Music, Talkshow, Ranting and more.)
Romania / Gaming / Community
BeNeLux & Beyond is a relatively new server created by a couple of people from the Benelux, focused on entertainment, music and chatting with people from all over the world.
Salut moi c'est Lucas, je suis passionné de radio, sur mon serveur tu retrouveras toutes les informations en rapport avec mes émissions radio, mes vidéo Youtube et mes lives, tu pourras aussi parler avec des personnes passionnées de radio mais pas que.
Discord Server for Dark Dragon Productions Music & Creative Arts Company The Ultimate Source for Superior Music! DDP is an open community and professional coalition company of composers and musicians. We are looking for composers, hosts, DJs, and music lovers. We allow your music to be sold in our market. We can help with your production and we’d love for y’all to help with ours. Come and join DDP for the full music community experience.
£50 PAYPAL GIVEAWAY GOING ON Welcome to Bounce, the online free internet radio station.
High-Quality Music 24/7 - Custom Playlist & Live Music - DJ Live Sets & Shows - Open Debates & Discussion - Custom Studio Creation - Public User Playlists Quality Content News & Information - Crypto - Investments - World - Tech Prizes & Giveaways - Custom Bots - Custom User Channels - Public Radio & More !
Sussex downs radio link is a global open chat community network radio style channel on zello and linked with discord. Topical conversations or just general chats throughout the day. If the channels are quiet just a simple hello is usually enough to get something started. English speaking and no swearing on channel.
The Hidden Tavern is a small and simple server for people from all walks of life, from gamers to people who just want to have a conversation and listen to music with other people. Join today!
CMFM! is een radiostation voor en door jongeren. Samen met ons team maken wij de beste radio. Solliciteren? Dat kan via onze website! Meer informatie op
Enthusiasts of anything radio.
Are you the type of person who are always looking for more friend to play another game with, or just wanting to chill out and talk? Well that's where Friends who hate come in, we all have a love/hate relationship, where we are always chilling and playing games together. As a gamer you know you can go from hating to loving a friend in a matter of 1 game, but that's why we created this friendly environment to help people come together instead of spreading apart. We are all waiting for you to hop in, come join a community where everyone isn't just another person, they become a friend.
¿¿Estás [email protected]?? ¡¡Unete a un mundo nuevo!!
Immortal City is currently a player-owned town in Shroud of the Avatar but has existed in many other places in spacetime throughout the universe. Click the link below to learn more. Home of Avatars Radio jock Alleine Dragonfyre hosting The Beat of Novia.
A Love Live! Community server with weekly Love Live music streams and a 24/7 Love Live Radio!
Let us invite you to the freshest asian creative community & entertainment media who has 6000+ members already on board. We offer entertainment events & live music performance such as: "Don't Hate Monday!" Every Monday nights (19.00PM GMT+7) Hosted by HYPEABIS Talents - Singer - Musician - Rapper - Beatboxer - Voice Actor - Comedian
Hello! Thanks for reading about Meme FM, we are a discord radio station that provides the greatest soundtrack to your online adventures! We are currently looking for DJ's (No special equipment required) to host our various daily shows!
A music-sharing server for people passionate about sharing music with others. Focus is on pop, top 40, Christian rock, and pop/rock. Enthusiasts of other genres also welcome! Please be friendly—this is a supportive community of music lovers. No NSFW content or explicit content allowed!
Radio station.
The best Radio station dedicated to gamers.
Safe LGBT and trans community. Custom bot; caring staff; spam and raid prevention. We release educational podcasts on trans and LGBT matters. Come join us to talk about whatever comes to mind or to seek out a supportive community.
Seriously tho... why's it so hard to find a server for people who *aren't* weebs, memers and furries? We don't know either, but we got you covered.
Social, bots, memes, animemes, anime, nsfw, reddit, auto, radios.
Server for Artist collaborations & promotion (Music). Join in! An online Radio (24/7) streaming to Shoutcast and to 15+ video sites like Youtube, Chew.Tv , Mixer, etc, specially created to promote the musical collaborations in the server and also live dj sets/events.
We our a Discord online radio station, formed since April 2018. We have had our ups and down but have recently reformed in 2020 and our ready to bring you the latest, news, travel, music and fun right across the UK, on our Discord, Twitter and our website. Website: Twitter:
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a chill social-focused server with a tightknit community. over 300 emotes, active voice channels, and a dedicated minecraft server. come game, meme, and make some new friends!